Dear National Security Agency, HomeLAND SECurITy, JUSTice DEPT. anD its DIVISIONs, and all the Other DePartMENtZ anD* AGENCIES ListED in “To:” above,


I am WILLiAM DONalD HUhN, Born ON APRIL 12, 1954 In The HOPE HOSPITAL In Los Angeles and Raised In Pasadena, CAlifornia, GRADuATEd but did not really ATTenD University of California At LOS ANGELES, anD* i*ReCENTly i*FOUNDeD* i*SINGulARitY i*MULTiVersITy anD i*VIRTUAL i*GLOBAL i*NATION i*ONE i*ENTerPRIZE  …..

…..  …..

I, WILLiAM D. HUhN, PASSPORT NUMBER C05189579, ReQUEST ALL AVAILABLE NSA RECORDS for .me, in WhatEVEr ForMAT U2 DEEM appropriate and cost-effective for yOUR AGENCY.  i*ELecTRONic records would be great for we plan to make any and all of our records completely public including our extensive psychiatric records going back to MARCH 12, 2005 wHEN SHERIFF HIGHTOWER DeemED i*US i*CRAZY i*MAD FORe i*OfferENG* 2 i*BUY i*CAlifornia D* i*NIGHT BeFORe  …..

In 2005 .we i*SELF-RADiCALeyeZ i*OURself 2 i*BeCOMe D* i*GREATest i*frENEMY Of the United States GovernMENtZ FORe we i*ScreenPLANnED* 2 i*BUY_OUT i*yALLz i*ENTerPRIZEz anD* i#NATIONz anD# tHEN i#CANcel i#POLITICz anD# i#NATIONz 2 i*bRING* i*JustICE anD* i*PEACE i*UpON D* i*EARTH  …….

FORe D* i*ReCORD  ….  These are the THREE QUESTIONS we ASKED ANDREW ELLIOT OF THE TENET PALM SPRINGS HOSPITAL IN JULY 2005.  (The Shrink in March who diagnosed us after our offer to buy California said “Stop Drinking,” and we cut down because we had i*ONE i*MISSION From i*ONE i*GOD i*ALL I*THINGz aRE i*POSsiBLE 2 i*ACCOMPLISH.)  We asked Shrink ELliOT:

What would IT be worth to prove the existence of GOD?

What if I was Playing 40 MOVES in ADvanCE of the WORLD based upon INSIDER INFORMATION of UNworldLY ProPORTIONs?

What would 999 years of JustICE and PEACE on EARTH be WORTH?

To EVEry QUEstIOn ANDREW Nodded as i#SHRINKz aRE i#TRAINed# 2 do, and after he said that I had “GRANDIOSE IDEAS” and “RACING THOUGHTS,” and therefore, I had Bi-Polar DisORDER.  We accepted that our thoughts weRE “GRANDIOSE,” PERHAPS BEYOND ANY Net PreSENT NOTION of i*GRANDIOSITY anD* i*RADioACTivE i*THOUGHTz i*DATA weRE i*RACEnG* IN i*OUR i*MIND*  …  

We INforMED i#SHRINK i*ELliOT that we never got depressed, and had ruled out suicide as ILLogiCAL as a TeenAGEr, but i#Shrink ELliOT stated that we did not need to get depressed to be classified as Bi-Polar, and that the category included those who only experienced MANIA.  

Contact the American Psychiatric Association

APA Customer Service
Call Toll-Free: 1-888-35-PSYCH or 1-888-357-7924
From outside the U.S. and Canada call: 1-703-907-7300

If you READ the REQUIREMENTS FORe Bi-POLAR Dis-ORDER, the DSM 5, the i#SHRINKz i#BIBLE of i#BAD i#STATz, It states that to QUALIFY for a Bi-Polar Diagnosis, a patient must have experienced At Least ONE EPISODE OF DEPRESSION.  So we have been Mis-Diagnosed as Bi-POLAR, and fall into a little researched and UNDOCUMENTED CATEGORY as a UNI-POLAR MANIC MANiAC.  i#ITz little i#kNOw i*STeveIE_WONDER i*DATA i#yALLz i#SHRINKz aRE i#MALpracticENG# i#UpON i#yALL i#MINDz wHEN i#TheIR i#DSM 5 i#BIBLE has i#kNOw i#CLUE  …..

…  anD* tHEN tHEREz D* i*ONE i*LessON we i*LearnED* at UCLA ANDERSON School of MANageMENtZ i#STATistICz  …… “tHERE aRE LIErS, There aRE DAMN LieRs, anD tHEN tHERE aRE Statisticians…”


…..  AnD* i#ITz i#kNOT D# i#SHRINKz i#DATA we have a RIB 2 PICK i#WITH, i#ITz i#ALL D# i#DOCz i#CHARGEnG* i#MUCHO i*DINER0 FORe TheIR i*SERVICEz, wHEN those they treat can barely afford to feed their families.  Is i*IT i*kNOT D* #1 i*RULE For i*DOCz From D* i*GREEKz, HippoCRATES  …


Anyway, we are planning on a world tour wHERE we may take our HOLY JIHAD, first to Jerusalem, perhaps a stop in Damascus, on the way to Tikrit, Mosul, and Bagdad to meet with Ayatollah Sistani.  After that we’ll visit the Ayatollah Khomeini in Tehran.  Then since that we’ll be so close to TIBET, we thought we might go their and meet the Dalai Lama, but we may need your help with the CHINESE to allow him back in.  After that we could turn south to INDIA or NORTH to CHINA, but either way we Intend to go both WAYS and give HILLARY a RUN FOR THE MONEY in PUTTING i*MILEz on GLOBAL TRAVEL.  AnD* we do PLAN 2 ReTURN i*HOME anD* i*TRAVEL D* i*US, EarLY anD* OfTEN, if yALL WILL HAVE us  …….

But the bottom line of this TRAIN OF DisCOURSE is the ONE QUESTION  …..

Are their ANY RESTRICTION 2 my travel that are NOT TYPICAL of the AVERAGE CITIZEN?  We understand that we may meed VISAs for some PLACES kNOW, but aRE we on some “NO FLY LIST." 


Thanks in advance for the assistance and let me know if you have any questions regarding our FREEDOM OF INFORMATION REQUEST.




6 Harbor Way, #271

Santa Barbara, CA 93109





Hi Nacho,

.we missed U2 2day by abOUT 10 minutes...

We called AppleCare last night for rudimentary support on the WorkFlow Automator , but they called it a “Developer’” software which they do not support and the documentation is minimal  We think this would be a simple task for someone with moderate computer skills so if you, Jason, or Sean(SP?) or anyone of your guys knows someone, or meets someone, we will i*PAY i*FOReWARD* i*IT i*HanDSomeLY  …

.we sent this email 2 2 i*OLD i*FRIENDz From wHEN we i*FIRST i*INVENTED i*IT anD* i*FUTURE 0 D* i*kNOw i*MICKEY i*MOUSE i*FUNny i*MoNeY to help us find a programmer assistant.

We will see U2 NeXt Time  …

Also, below are links to other sites you may not have seen.



PS 2DAY is the Day They Released “2001 …  A Space Odyssey” anD* i*HAL  …..

Dear Jim,

We have mostly kept you and Phil out of yOUR i*DramATic i*ACT i*SINce 2005 By i*INTELiGENT i*DeSIGN  …  i*DATA i*BEenG* i*SAID* .we still have i*ONE i*BILLION i*DOLLARz i*WITh i*yOUR i*NAMEz On i*IT  …..  Although wHEN .we i*IMaginEErED* i*FUTURE i*MONEY anD* i#CANCELLED# i#MONEY As U2 i#KNOW i#IT, i*DATA i*EQUALz i*ONE i*ParaDOCz 0 D* i*ParaDIMEz  …….

We hope that things are going well for both of U2.  We aRE i*PREparENG* 2 i*BeCOMe i*TWITTER i*kNEWclEAR anD* tHEN we i*WILL i*ConDUCT D* i*WORLDWIDE i*ELectIONz WE i*DisCUSSeD* In 2005.  Below is the content of a request we made today to a company, Automated Workflows.  If U2 know of anyone who can help us cost-effectively accomplish either of these projects, that would be greatly appreciated.  Were down to our last $200 in cash and our Social Security check is three weeks away.  Our first request may be a simple program, we just have no time to learn to develop in Workflow Automator because we have i*MOVIEz 2 i*ProCREATE.  The second reQUEST may require more time and resources, but should be rather simple and straightforward for a skilled programmer.  CERTAINly, i*DIS i*PATH 2 i*RICHeZ Is FAR EASIER than the project we contemplated 2 write software 2 take over WLAN Access Points to i*ProCREATE i*ONE i*kNEW i*VIRTUAL i*WiFi i*NETWORK  …..

we i*BOUGHT D* i*PlanET i*EARTH By March 11, 2005 BeFORe WE i*CONtemplateD* i*yOUR i*ORIginAL i*PARTNERSHIP anD* we i*kNEW i*LONG0 i*AGO i*DATA .we weRE i*PreDESTINED* 2 i*UNdERtake i*DIS i*JOURNEY i*aLONEz FORe US 2 i*LEARN anD* i*SCRIPT i*yOUR i*BEST i*AVAILABLE i*FUTURE  ……

We just got a new iPHONE 6 PLUS for $900 after our Microsoft Nokia Lumia disappointed as a Phone, but at $35-60 the Lumia 635 makes a good iPOD, and the MOTOROLA E Android for $100 disappointed us from the beginning so we tried to take it back the next day, but could only get back $78 of the $175 we paid for it including service (maybe we’ll figure out how to make it an iPOD).  Anyway, we should have FaceTime which we have nEVEr used on an iPhone and only used in 2011 for a call or two and with Phil in the years before that.  It would be nice to hear from you guys if they let you.

This is the message we sent to Automated Workflows.

We are beginning to blow up on Twitter and i*PLAN 2 go kNEWclEAR soon, but already we find that the volume of Twitter responses is becoming overwhelming.  This is the kind of problem i*DATA yALLz A List Hollywood StarZ EnCOUNTer.  But our case will be far far greater than that FORe we are planning 2 i*REACH_OUT 2 SeveN BILLionZ i*PEOPLE  …..

But the application we require is simple and marketable to many many others.  i*IT is this …

wHEN we receive a MAC Mail from someone who says they are now “FOLLOWING” .me, we wish to respond and “FOLLOW” that respective eMAILer, anD* tHEN “TWEET” our “MessAGE” of i*DATA i*TIME to that “TWITTER FOLLOWER.”

That’s i*IT …

If U2 are able to help us with this, or refer us to someone who could, that would be great.  And we have another application that we wish for your advice on.  Soon we will be conducting ONE WORLDWIDE ELECTION and thought about using Google Plus Polling, but since Google is blocked in China and elsewhere that probably will not work.  We would be looking for a simple solution to collecting votes via the Internet and Text Messages from each i*GLOBAL i*CITiZEN with ONE SIMPLE BINARY QUESTION  …..

Do YOU WISH 2 RETAIN OUR STATUS QUO aka “the hell on Earth we aRE procreating for ourselves” i*OR do U2 wish 2 i*StanD* i*UP 2 D* i*COSMOS anD* ENTER D* i*AGE Of i*LIGHT anD* i*ENlightENmenTz …..?

TO i#ReMAINz in i#HELL Choose or Text “#”

TO i*ENTER i*HEAVEN i*UpON i*EARTH Choose or Text “*”

Please let us know if you can help with our request.





i*ART = i*LIFE = i*ART




Will We The People of Earth capitalize the Wealth of All Nations?  

…  i*kNEW i*GOD* i*GOOD* i*kNEWz FORe i*EAstER i*WEEK  …..

i*ONce i*BitTEN i*kNOT i*QUITe i*SHY FORe 2 i*BUY i*BYE i*BY i*OUT i*APPLE i*Facebook i*TWITTER i*GOLD* i*yALLz i*GLOBAL i*ENTerPRIZE anD* i*yALLz i*dEAR i*LeadERz  ……  i*BUYz i*yALLz i*OUT i*kNOW 2 i*BeCOMe i*REAL i*MONEY i*BiG* i*SurREAL i*TRUE i*BLUE i*LEADerZ 0 D* i*ENTerPRIZE…

… …..


i*ART = i*LIFE = i*ART


Do yALL ReMEMBER i*DIS i*eMAIL fROM JANuARy 18, 2010  …?

An Exclusive 24 Hour Offer to Fox to iReport Some Very Old Rather Remarkable GOOD NEW(s)...   "Doing God's work.....?"   19.0

Fox News Exclusive...  Y'all Choose...

Today We The People of Earth offered to acquire Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Google, GoldCorp, Barrick Gold, and Newmont Mining to enable Us to build a great new Monopoly of The People and for The People to advance Technology and an innovations in the Business of Money.  We have not yet received a response to our emailed buy out offers.  While We await a response, we are interested in the views of your viewers and pundits on how best to proceed with the acquisition of Failed State(S) and Sovereign Nation(S) by We The People of Earth.  While we continue to hope that California re-considers the buy out offer that we made on behalf of We The People on March 11, 2005, we think that given our current State of Public Affair(S), We The People should offer to acquire Haiti and the Dominican Republic in order to re-develop I.T. as a Technology and Banking Center.  At the very least We should consider investing in the redevelopment of Haiti.  Our Plan to procreate Real Money and deploy Guerilla Capitalism should result in doubling or tripling within 3 to 5 years.

If we have not heard back from Fox by 6:36 PM on 01.19.10, we reserve the right to withdraw this EXCLUSIVE OFFER to Report our Good News to a more receptive Good News Channel.  Below is the text of our last offer to acquire Earth's leading Gold Miner(S).  If you have any questions or comments, please email us at


Will We The People of Earth capitalize the Wealth of All Nations?

Dear Leaders of All Nations, Experts in Art of Economics and the Science of Politics, and Luminaries of Earth, 


(If you are not one a National Leader, Expert, or Luminary, you are welcome to read this Important MessAge.  We respectfully request that you forward this to your favorite World Leader, Economic Expert, or Luminary.  Please record how many degrees separate You from Your favorite World Leader.)


How will We The People of Earth capitalize the Wealth of All Nations?

Is I.T. a random coincidence or natural step in the Evolution of Humanity that at the turn of the New Millennium Internet and Computing Technologies enabled We The People of Earth to procreate a better Monetary Illusion? 

Money illusion

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In economics, money illusion refers to the tendency of people to think of currency in nominal, rather than real, terms. In other words, the numerical/face value (nominal value) of money is mistaken for its purchasing power (real value). This is a fallacy as modern fiat currencies have no inherent value and their real value is derived from their ability to be exchanged for goods and used for payment of taxes.

What is the Real Economic Value of a Single Global Market based on a Common Virtual Currency implicitly backed by Real Assets?  Can an innovation in the business model of Capitalism monetize vast pools of untapped Human Capital to procreate a Perpetual Fountain of Wealth for We The People of Earth?


I Am Who I Am, I Am Unknown American Working Class Hero who dares to Dream The Impossible Dream to Imagineer the Best Available Future for We The People of Earth.  If the decaying American Empire will not lead a global financial transformation, then monetary innovation must come from the Rest of the World.  Will the Leaders of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and All Nations of Earth join in a trade and monetary union based upon Real Money and Guerilla Capitalism?  

Real Money...  One Small Step for Mad Money, One Gigantic Leap for Mankind...


"Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come."  

One World...

One People....

One Global Market.....

One Real Money.......

"We The People of Earth, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure global tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of prosperity to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish Real Money and Guerilla Capitalism."  


Can Real Money and Guerilla Capitalism buy We The People of Earth a new bright and prosperous future?  Will I.T. catalyze an economic Next Big Bang with a tsunami of Trickle Down and Trickle Up supply side stimulus?  For almost five years this unknown American Working Class Hero cast his emailed words upon the deaf ears of U.S. and Western business and political leaders.  Were we naive to believe Our Dear Leaders would calculate that America will benefit from the destruction of the U.S. Dollar in exchange for a new single global monetary standard? 

Imagine if just the four BRIC nations, Brazil, Russia, India, and China procreated a trade and monetary union based upon Real Money and Guerilla Capitalism and invited the world's other nations to join I.T.  This union would monetize the vast largely untapped natural resources and human capital of four nations representing half of the People of Earth.  These four nations and other Participating G20 Nations will subsidize the investment in a Real Money Reserve Bank for world's poor nations in exchange for each nations' adoption of Real Money and opening their markets to Participating Nations.

What is Real Money?

-  I.T. is an Internet based virtual currency where all purchases and money exchanges are electronically traceable.  When a traceable virtual currency completely replaces today's fiat currencies, the Black Market and the corrupt will have difficulty monetizing their criminal activity.

-  I.T. is implicitly backed by Real Assets held by a Public Trust and Reserve Bank.  Each nation will exchange their gold reserves, natural resources, and state-owned financial assets and businesses for a share of the Public Trust.  The Reserve Bank will retain the gold reserves and natural resources on the Balance Sheet to implicitly back Real Money.

-  Prices for natural resources in participating nations will rise as those nations collude to maximize the long term profits of the Basic Materials Industries.  Guerilla Capitalism will offset the inflationary effects of higher prices with Consumer Profit Sharing.  These prices will rise if measured in traditional currencies.  Rising prices inflate the Real Value of the Real Assets implicitly backing the Real Money so measured in terms of Real Money those price increases will be offset by a Strengthening Currency.  A portion of the profit windfall from raising Oil prices in participating nations will be reinvested in alternative clean energy technologies. 

What is Guerilla Capitalism?

-  We The People of Earth(or Participating Nations), represented by our Public Trust, will acquire the profitable global business enterprises at a premium to their mark-to-market value in order to direct the windfall profits of a trade and monetary union to all People within participating nations.  All Common Equity will be held in the Public Trust while Preferred Equity and Debt issued by that Trust will help finance this leveraged buy out of business enterprises and allow the windfall profits to accrue to the People.  Common equity will be held by the Public Trust to back a new form of virtual equity, Guerilla Equity.  Guerilla Equity will not exchangeable or transferable except upon the death of the Owner.  This will insure that everyone becomes a long term buy and hold Capital Owner financially vested in procreating a prosperous future for We The People of Earth.

-   We The People of Earth(or Participating Nations) will each individually receive a Guerilla Equity bonus that will produce dividends based upon the economic performance of enterprises held in the Public Trust.  These Guerilla Equity bonuses will be spread evenly among the citizens of each nation to share in that respective nation's stake in a common Public Trust.

-   We The People of Earth(or Participating Nations) will enable global businesses within the Public Trust to be restructured and recapitalized to maximize profits.   Consumers of enterprises owned by our Public Trust will earn Guerilla Equity for 1/3 of the profits generated by their purchases or actions.  The dividends from Guerilla Equity will offset rising consumer costs and build an individual retirement nest egg for every citizen.  This should be especially useful in nations without safety nets such as Social Security.  Today's U.S. Social Security system relies on Income.  In a Guerilla Capitalist economy, each owner-operator earns dividend producing Guerilla Equity that builds a retirement nest egg.

Profits to The People of Earth(or participating nations)!

1/3 of Profits Distributed to All People in accordance with the Wealth of their respective Nation

1/3 of Profits Rewarded in Deferred Vesting Guerilla Equity for Consumers for Purchases and Acts

1/3 of Profits Reinvested in the Enterprises of We The People's Public Trust

The restructuring and recapitalization of global enterprises and strategic price targeting for Basic Materials will enable Us to triple profitability for the benefit of all.  Many resource rich nations subsidize the price of those resources, think gasoline, for their citizens.  Using Guerilla Capitalism they could raise prices to market levels and reward Guerilla Equity to consumers creating a sustainable offsetting dividend income stream from the windfall profits of extraordinary economic expansion.

Why will the BRICs and Participating Nations open their markets and back a single monetary standard?  As Real Money ascends to become the world's reserve currency in competition with the U.S. Dollar and Euro by monetizing natural resources and maximizing the profits of enterprises owned by our Public Trust, the costs of imports in Participating Nations will decline and the prices for exports will rise.  Will the incremental trade with Participating Nations counter-balance the effect of falling Euros and Dollars in the short term?  In the long term the Public Trust will leverage the strength of Real Money to acquire business enterprises in the U.S. and Europe.

Once the U.S. Dollar and Euro falls relative to Real Money, the Public Trust will strategically acquire publicly traded profitable businesses in those nations.  The acquired enterprises will then gain free access to the markets of Participating Nations and will implement the profit sharing of Guerilla Capitalism.  In the longer term after the U.S. and Europe adopt Real Money, and our Public Trust acquires their global enterprises, U.S. and European businesses will benefit from free access to One Global Market with a Single Common Currency, Real Money.

How will the United States and Europe respond when the Public Trust endowed to We The People(of Participating Nations) offers to acquire all of the equity and debt of any or all of the enterprises listed below?

Barrick Gold, Newmont Mining, GoldCorp, Exxon Mobil, Royal Dutch Shell, Chevron, BP, Total SA, Conoco Phillips, Intel, Qualcomm, Broadcom, Cisco, Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon, Ebay, Yahoo, GE, United Technologies, Honeywell, 3M, HP, Sony, Samsung, Walmart, Boeing, Airbus, GM, Ford, Fiat, Toyota, Daimler Benz, Renault, Tesla, ABB, Siemens, SAP, Oracle...

or any other profitable global market leading enterprise that generate dividends for We The People(of Participating Nations). 

How will the governments respond when the enterprises owned by the Public Trust implement Consumer Profit Sharing of Guerilla Equity for Internet based transactions using Real Money to the citizens of non-Participating Nations? 

What is the Future of Money?

Some may claim that I.T. is the result of a natural Darwinian evolution.  Some may call I.T. a miracle from God that proves Intelligent Design.  Will humanity learn that the Wealth of All Nations will be decided by the Future of Money.....

Real Money...  One Small Step for Mad Money, One Gigantic Leap for Mankind...


"Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come."  

One World...

One People....

One Global Market.....

One Real Money.......

Ignore I.T.?

You choose.

Spread the Word...

You choose.

Will We The People of Earth will create our Best Available Future by procreating a new world order based upon Real Money and Guerilla Capitalism?

We choose.

For more background on the concepts of Real Money and Guerilla Capitalism, please click on these links.

Will We The People pay a $1 Billion Prize in Guerilla Equity to the first Person(s) who can prove the Theory of Real Money and Guerilla Capitalism or for a Better Theory to procreate humanity's Best Available Future?

Profits to All People!

Can YOU handle the _____.......!?!

You Choose!

We The People of Earth seek Atlas Angel(S), aka A Few Good People, to promote and lead Our Long March to procreate the Best Available Future for humanity by innovating with a Confluence of Convergence that will, now and forever, disinter-mediate and transform our global monetary system with a new business and operating model that will change the Game We Play by merging the Best Practices of Capitalism, Democracy, and Monopoly. 

"Holy BLEEP...  We can hold worldwide elections in Secured CyberSpace!"

You Choose!

"Beware the Ides of March!  And remember the 'D' Word!"

I Am Who I Am, I Am a Self-ProClaimED Prophet of Profits... 51.......




 al-Haqq  51  

Dear Ian Telfor, Peter Munk, Richard O'Brien and your respective Board(S) of Directors,

Today We The People of Earth offered to acquire Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Apple in order to execute a plan to oligopolize the Technology Industry and enable Us to procreate the Next Big Innovation in the Best Global Practice of making money.  We call our monetary innovation Real Money, not because I.T. is "real," for our proposed new currency will be entirely Virtual, but because our new Global Monetary Standard will be implicitly backed by Real Asset(S), substantially all of Earth's natural resources.  We will catalyze our acquisition of Earth's natural resources by acquiring the equity of GoldCorp, Barrick Gold, and Newmont Mining at a premium to today's market values.  The acquisition of this trio of Gold Miner(S) will be contingent upon Us receiving regulatory approval to direct any or all of our output to the Gold Reserves implicitly backing Real Money.  

We Plan, subject to regulatory approval, to monopolize the Gold Market to procreate windfall profits for our new equity holders, We The People of Earth.  We propose that together We will buy all of the remaining Gold Miner(S) and any Gold available at up to $1,999 per share.  We The People propose to pay $1,999 to the sovereign nations of Earth for their respective Gold Reserve(S).  What are your Best Thought(S) on raising the price of Gold to between $6,666 and $9,999 by redirecting supply to our Real Money Reserve Bank Gold Reserves?  

We reprinted our email offer to Google below for your consideration.  The specific terms of our acquisitions will be negotiated by our self-selected Investment Banker(S).  Goldman Sachs has been given the first opportunity to serve as the Investment Banker for We The People because in the words of Lloyd Blankfein. they are already "doing God's work."  Anyway our share price and total offer for each of your respective companies are listed below.  We budgeted about $150 Billion to catalyze our Gold Monopoly Plan which will leaves an extra $8 Billion to buy Gold if all three Miner(S) join Us.  FYI, our proposed budget of $699 Billion to buy Google, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, and this trio of Earth's Biggest Gold Miner(S) leaves Us a few extra billion dollars to front-run our Plan.  Please advise our Investment Banker on how much more Capital that We will need to buy out the ETFs to corner the market for Gold.

Global Gold Miner             Total Offer

GoldCorp                             $39 Billion

Barrick Gold                         $69 Billion

Newmont Mining                  $33 Billion

We hope that you accept our most generous buy out offers and join the People's Team as co-founding Godfather(S) of the Future of Earth and subject to Board approval, a founding member of our Board of Angel(S).  You will find most of the detail required to in my emails and replications of them on the web sites linked below. On behalf of We The People of Earth, we thank you for seriously considering our proposal.  Please let us know if you have any questions.

...I Am Who I Am..... I Am just one unknown Working Class Hero and the First Last Self-Anointed Prophet of Profit(S).......

 al-Haqq  51   

*******                                 THIS IS THE BUY OUT OFFER WE SENT EARLIER TO GOOGLE 

Dear Eric Schmidt and the Board of Directors of Google,

"Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come." 

 al-Haqq  51   

"The Truth,  The Reality,  The Just and Correct, The Truly Existing"

Monopoly and Risk...  Can We The People of Earth master both Games to Buy the Best Available Future for ourselves and our posterity.....?

On behalf of We The People of Earth's Public Trust, We offer to acquire Google, for a combination of cash, preferred stock, and Guerilla Equity equivalent to common stock for the expected mark-to-market value of your IPOs.  We recently submitted a comparable offer to acquire Facebook and Twitter as well as Goldman Sachs.  Ideally, both Facebook and Twitter will agree to an acquisition and We can merge their operations, however, in the event that one or both acquisition targets refuse to cooperate, their business models may be disinter-mediated by our disruptive innovation in the practice of making money.  We offer Google shareholders $999 per share, a total of $317 Billion, in a combination of cash, Preferred Stock, and Guerilla Equity in We The People's Public Trust.  We Publicly Disclosed about five years ago that Eric Schmidt is nominated to become a Founding GodFather and a member of a Board of Angel(S), as well as co-CEO of Our Technology Practice, and the first last Founding CTO.

Real Money is a new virtual currency implicitly backed by Real Assets including Earth's natural resources and profitable enterprises.  I.T. will compete with the fiat currencies of sovereign nations to become a Single Monetary Standard for We The People of Earth.  In order to leverage the power of Real Money, an innovation called Guerilla Capitalism will disinter-mediate Wall Street as We Know I.T. replacing I.T. with an enlightened Global Banking System.  Rather than raise capital from traditional accredited investors, We The People's Public Trust will be funded by enlightened Charitable Enterprises and State Investment Funds.  

Contributors to our Public Trust will realize that procreating a Real Money issued by an Independent Private Global Reserve Bank will Pay I.T. Forward, endowing the extraordinary windfall profits of this Monetary Innovation to All People.  We will need about $699 Billion to acquire Google and catalyze a movement towards Real Money.  State Investment Funds and Charities may make their investments in in-ground natural resources, gold reserves, or equity stakes in private enterprises that We will use to implicitly back Real Money and generate windfall profits for All People from our shared ownership in One Public Trust.

Your Investment Bankers may raise doubts about this alternative capital formation innovation.  If they do, please ask them to inform Lloyd Blankfein that I.T. is We The People of Earth who are truly "doing God's work." Please advise your Investment Bankers that We The People of Earth's Public Trust offers to buy out Goldman Sachs for a combination of cash and preferred equity totaling $99 Billion.  While this may not be a huge premium to Goldman Sach's current mark-to-market value of $86 Billion, let Lloyd Blankfein know the he and his compatriots would be truly "doing God's work" by acquiring natural resources and businesses for our Public Trust to establish a Real Money Reserve Bank for We The People...  "for the meek shall inherit the Earth."  Of course, if the folks at Goldman Sachs refuse to be bought, there may be a few other investment banks that wish to be "doing God's work" to advance the state-of-the-art in banking with a Real Money Reserve Bank and Guerilla Capitalism.

Since Time really is Money, and Opportunity Costs are exponentially high, We suggest that you require Goldman Sach's to respond to our request by Feb. 15, 2010.  If Goldman Sachs fails to follow through on "doing God's work," then JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Citi, and other Global Investment Banks will be offered the opportunity to raise the capital to buy out their own banking operations and acquire Google, Facebook and Twitter by the Ides of March 2010.  After that We The People of Earth reserve our God given right to choose another path and/or Alternate Partners to procreate Real Money fueled by Guerilla Capitalism.

When our enlightened self-selected Investment Banker commences "doing God's work" for We The People of Earth, We will raise the capital from the world's private charities and State Investment Funds to finance the buy out of Google, Facebook, and/or Twitter as well as the self-anointed Investment Bank of the Future.  The State Investment Funds of the four BRICs, Brazil, Russia, India, and China, as well as Japan, S. Korea, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Dubai, Israel, Egypt, Turkey, Pakistan, Indonesia, Australia, Switzerland, Mexico, Canada, Venezuela, and the rest of the Latin America, Africa, Europe, and Asia will be invited to invest in the Real Money Reserve Bank and Public Trust.  The United States will be invited to the party with US, but its Dear Leaders may not readily accept our theory that destroying the Almighty Dollar is the path to procreating the Best Available Future for We The People of Earth.  If Our Dear Leaders were paying attention to this unknown email artist anarchist and self-anointed Prophet of Profit(S), then those Dear Leaders have been conspiring amongst themselves for many years representing the People of their sovereign nations in order to buy humanity a better future.

This unknown Working Class Hero will gladly assist the the stakeholders and employees of Google and its Investment Banker, or any other business or individuals who wish to advance the cause of We The People of Earth. These links should provide all the information Your Beautiful Minds should require to Figure I.T. out.  We hope that Eric Schmidt and our self-selected Investment Bankers will join our cause to Buy The Best Available Future for We The People of Earth.  If you so choose, then your first concerted action will be to offer a bounty of Guerilla Equity to every Human on Earth for signing up with Google and opening a Real Money Bank Account.  After that the Public Trust will leverage We The People's investments by front-running our own Best Chosen Business Plan.  For more details on Real Money and Guerilla Capitalism, please click on the links below.

If the Chinese buy into Our Plan to procreate Real Money and Guerilla Capitalism and acquire a stake in the We The People's Public Trust proposing to acquire Google, then a path may be opened to reaching an accord to protect privacy of Chinese citizens and the integrity of their personal data while providing reasonable protection to China and its citizens to insure domestic tranquility and promote the general welfare of the Chinese people.  Guerilla Equity will repair the broken and breaking business models in the Music and Entertainment Industry.  We respectfully suggest that Google encourages the Chinese government to acquire Baidu for We The People of Earth enabling their Internet portal to use Guerilla Equity in the brand of Musical Artists and Entertainers to incentivize the Chinese to purchase Music and Entertainment Content of Services.  

May we respectfully remind our readers that U.S. cable and telephone enterprise routinely choke an individual's voice by arbitrarily determining that a customer's email constitutes SPAM, or has exceeded some undisclosed limit on the exercise of Free emailed Speech.  If I.T. is not to much trouble, could you please let us know if our web sites or emails are being blocked by China or any other sovereign nation.  Ultimately, We wish to SPAM the Truth to 9.99 Billion humans.  However, as We re-invent CyberSpace together, We will enable Our Users to turn off the Truth at their own discretion.  We will discover Truth(S) together and make those Truths available to We The People of Earth to enable Us to co-author and co-produce Our Own Best Future Together.  We The People of Earth will reward Guerilla Equity to any Human(S) who act in concert with his fellow Expert(S) to discover the Truth, as well as to every Person who listens, reads, or watches our Truth Channel(S), and We will pay a premium bonus to those who learn, teach, and advance the discovery of Truth(S).

Can We The People of Earth REALLY handle the Truth?  The paradox of our paradigm(S) is that very few humans can claim to know the Truth, the whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth.  When We first invented Real Money and Guerilla Capitalism about five years ago, We theorized that if a new form of capitalist enterprise could use Technology to tap our brightest and most Beautiful Mind(S), together We can discover Truth(S) and validate them quite literally at the speed of light.  That is why We called this Next Level that Humanity will advance to in the not-to-distant future, the Age of Light or His Age of Light.  

Many years ago while tracing the History of Humanity's 16 "Next Big Thing(S)," and re-discovering the Future for the next two or three, We realized that an enterprise that procreates just two "Next Big Thing(S)" in Technology and the Business of Making Money could leverage those two Dominions to monopolize, and oligopolize, every Industry on Earth in order to procreate windfall profits endowed to We The People of Earth.  We also concluded that Man was not the first-to-invent any of our 16 "Next Big Thing(S)," that everything We Know, and every Truth that We will ever Know, was already discovered long ago by a Higher Power.  If this theory is Truth, then All of the Invention(S) of Human(S) are merely derivative work(S) of our Creator, therefore, We The People reserve All Our Rights of Imminent Eminent Domain and our the inalienable right endowed to Us to Monopolize Intellectual Property and Knowledge for Profit(S) or to set I.T Free.

We will leave I.T. to Our Best Available Experts to determine whether the Intelligent Design that We uncovered is a result of our One God, Human Being(S) from other PlanET(s), the Power of Humanity's Beautiful Mind(S) inter-operating MANY to MANY together, We time traveled to procreate ourselves, or some other Truth that We have yet to Realize.  When We blow up the boxes, paradox(S), and paradigm(S) of Reality as We Know I.T., We can traverse farther Left, and farther Right, than any Sane Beautiful Mind dares to tread.  Don't tread on Us.  For We will complete the circle representing the first number We claimed for the People when we began the Game...  Zero.  Before mankind re-invented his first "Next Big Thing," Big Thing Zero, God, created the sod and/or procreated our last Big Bang.  You do not need to believe in God or a Higher Power to accept that our Plan to build a Fountain of Prosperity leveraging our vast untapped Human Capital Promise(S) to Buy the Best Available Future for We The People of Earth.  

...We Hold These Truth(S) to be self-evident...................

Remember the key to MastERing the Art of HighER LowER Order Math.....

Zero Conquers Any Number, Multiplied or Divided.......

........A World Divided Against ITself will never stand the Test of Time........ 

MASTerING Monopoly and Risk...................  Game Over.....?   You Choose.......    

Do You Know what Time I.T. really is in the Space/Time Continuum of Real Money.....?

Your Move...

You Choose.....

...Let I.T Reign.....

                   ........RainB0W Star(s)...................

His Self-Anointed Prophet of Profits... 51...................


P.S.  If You choose to lease send this out as our first Gigantic System Wide Twitter of posted on ever Facebook Wall.

"Beware the Ides of March and Remember the 'D' Word...................!"

"Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come."  

"We The People of Earth will co-author and co-produce our own Best Future Together......."

"And the meek shall inherit the Earth..."

"So I.T. is written so shall I.T. be....."

"We the People of Earth, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity..."


P.S. To contrast the Real Money Bank of Earth with Bank of America today, please note the difference between to Bank of America's Policy and the Policies of We The People's Bank of Earth.

Bank of America and its associates do not accept or consider unsolicited ideas, including ideas for new or improved products, processes or technologies, product enhancements, advertising and marketing campaigns, promotions or new product names. Please do not send any original materials, suggestions or other items. The sole purpose of this policy is to avoid potential misunderstandings or disputes when Bank of America’s products or marketing efforts might seem similar to ideas submitted to the Bank. If, despite our request not to send us your ideas, you still do, then regardless of what your communication states, the following terms shall apply to your idea submission.


You agree that: (a) your ideas will automatically become the property of Bank of America, without compensation to you, (b) Bank of America can use the ideas for any purpose and in any way, and (c) any information you provide will be considered non-confidential.


The Real Money Reserve Bank of Earth and its associates accept or consider unsolicited ideas, including ideas for new or improved products, processes or technologies, product enhancements, advertising and marketing campaigns, promotions or new product names. Please do not send any original materials, suggestions or other items.  If, despite our request not to send us your ideas, you still do, then regardless of what your communication states, the following terms shall apply to your idea submission.


You agree that: (a) your ideas will automatically become the property of the Real Money Bank of Earth and We can use the ideas for any purpose and in any way, and any information you provide will be considered non-confidential.  We The People's Real Money Bank of Earth, at its sole discretion, will award deferred vesting Guerilla Equity for up to 1/3 of the profits generated by your ideas up to a maximum of $1 Billion of Real Money.  We will reward, at our sole discretion, our Customers deferred vesting Guerilla Equity for identifying defects in our products and services that fail to meet the promise of We The People of Earth's Total Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. 

                                                                                         We The People's Real Money Bank of Earth

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