Can YOU IMAGINE the future of HUMANITY?  CAN YOU ENVISION how our future may play out with the confluence of conditions of our present GLOBAL REALITY?  WHAT is the FOUNDATION our REALITY is BUILT Upon?  To borrow a phrase from contemporary American political history, "IT's the ECONOMY stupid…"  In spite of humanity's prolific innovations in Science and Technology, our understanding of the GLOBAL ECONOMICS remains in the Dark Age.  Throughout history the rise and fall of Empires and Nations and States determined by Military Power.  The rise of the American Military Industrial Complex funded an unprecedented advance in Science and Technology.  In the last two decades the Cold War faded away as former Communist powers, most notably China and the former Soviet Union, adopted Capitalist policies that integrated their Economies into our present day Global MacroEconomy.  That TREND diminished the threat of a World War III between Nations wielding nuclear arsenals that could destroy our planet many times.  The Economic Interdependence between Political States aligned the interests of Nations in a Globalizing Economy which places us at The Inflection Point in the course of human history.

Coincident with the rise of Economic Interdependence in a Globalizing Economy, organized Terrorism has grown into the Primary Threat to our security.  The TRUTH that cannot be admitted by our leaders and that has become more and more self-evident, is that a War On Terror cannot be Won.  While we may be able to contain Terrorism, advances in Weapons of Mass Destruction and the proliferation of more and more powerful Killing Technologies including Nuclear and Biological Weapons will increase the destructive force of Terrorism.  As soon as Terrorists have the power to destroy a city, or render it uninhabitable, they will win the War for just a credible Threat will collapse our Global Economy.

Consider this scenario.  You wake up one morning to a news report that a Terrorist Group has acquired five nuclear weapons that they could detonate anywhere in the world.  Think about what happens the next day.  The immediate implosion of the Financial Markets will pale by comparison to a Real Estate Crash in cities.  This will certainly Bankrupt the Banks rendering Nations insolvent and decimating the value of their respective currencies.  That next day no bank could reasonably issue a mortgage on Real Estate located in major cities.  An immediate exodus from cities would leave banks with an unmarketable portfolio of Real Estate and the economic fallout would dwarf the financial meltdown that we witnessed in the past three years.  A crash in just London the Pound and crashes in Paris, Madrid, Amsterdam, and Rome would easily wipe out the Euro.  And a crash in New York and any other major U.S. city would destroy the not-so-Almighty Dollar.  Terrorism will Win when it acquires a means of Mass Destruction.  It's really only a matter of time for Technology advances and proliferates.  How much time do we have?

There is a Negative Value to exposing such a Truth without a Solution to the dilemma in hand.  None of our dear leaders can admit this for they individually, and collectively, have no viable plan to root out Terrorism or contain the proliferation of WMD Technology.  While this Revelation threatens to bankrupt our Global Economy, our Economic Reality is already Bankrupt from the collective debt of Nations unable procreate a viable plan to address the challenges of our Economic Globalization.

Enough Doom and Gloom…  This history is about Our Salvation, Not Our Eve Of Destruction.  The Knowledge about the Trend Line of our contemporary reality could, would, should, and Will Steel Our Collective Resolve to take a Giant Leap of Faith as We IMAGINEER together a bright and promising future for ourselves and our posterity.

The TRUTH about WAR upon which our Civilization was Built is that I.T. is unsustainable in the long run.  Humanity's practice of War is not limited to traditional conflicts between Nations or the asymmetric threat of Terrorism.  An economic War between and within political states threatens the prosperity of all by perpetuating injustice and suffering that sew the seeds of our discontent.  The self-evident Truth that the practice of War promises to destroy our human civilization suggests that the Primary Objective Humanity, up until this stage of the evolution of our intelligent design, is our shared realization of a future where "we will learn War no more."

The prophesy of Isaiah 2.4, which is the measure of the long awaited Messiah and King of the Jews, predicted that "He will rebuke many people, and judge among all nations, for they will learn War no more, and we will have a thousand thousand generations of Justice and Peace on Earth."  To achieve an objective of Justice and Peace on Earth we must not only eliminate War in all its forms, we must recreate our entire system of governance on a global basis and transform the operating system of our reality.

What does God have to do with I.T.?  I.T. is all about our Intelligent Design.  Even an Atheist must marvel at the miracle of human intelligence.  We are Intelligently Designed to Learn.  God is a Scientist and Science is the practice of Learning Truth.  The technologies and best practices that We The People Of Earth can be leveraged to advance the pace of knowledge acquisition and innovation by a new connected educational network.  Our own Intelligent Design may be proved by the collaboration of our collective Intelligent Minds to construct a Utopian Future delivering Justice and Peace on Earth.  

What new Truth or Knowledge may catalyze such a revolutionary advance and inflection point course of human history?  Perhaps, I.T. is not just one Next Big Things, but two Next Big Things together exponentiating their disruptive effect.  One of these is an revolution in the Dismal Art of Economics endowing I.T. with Science.  The other is a Confluence of Convergence of all the Next Big Things in human history that will advance Learning and Best Practices throughout the world.  At the heart of these innovations is the procreation a new Global Enterprise,, or, that disinter-mediates the political structure of nations by assuming responsibility for the welfare of all citizens of Earth which will be shareholders

In the construct of our current political and economic reality, we are tribes represented by nations, by business enterprises, unions, and individuals exploit their own resources and monopolies to carve out their respective pieces of a diminishing economic pie.  This economic game that We play may be perceived to be a Win/Lose Game, but in fact as the Game unfolds, it will be revealed as a Lose/Lose proposition.  The future that We may build together will be a Win/Win proposition for everybody.  Perhaps, this overstates the case for our collective actions to advance innovations and perpetuate best practices will eliminate a massive number of unnecessary jobs and those who find satisfaction in those jobs will need to seek satisfaction elsewhere.  In order to achieve or Win/Win objective, we will need to provide income and education to transition displaced individuals to new employment or retire them.  We must imagineer a G.I. Bill like that one that jump-started U.S. innovation following World War II that is applied to the entire world.  We must transform our own new reality that We procreate together into an interactive educational experience that instructs ourselves and our posterity for generations to come.  The key to empowering such a transformation of our dismal economic reality is that by uniting into a monopoly of us,, we will align our economic interests and grow the collective pie of wealth that We share together.  A rising tide lifts all boats and this tide is far more than a Tsunami of economic expansion.

How will the application of Science to the Art of Economics enable such a Utopian transformation?  Think of the structure of our current global macroeconomy as a bundle of balloons of various sizes where the individual balloons represent the economies and currencies in individual nations.  In our current situation the debt of nations act like a hole in their respective balloons.  As taxes to service debt drain each economic balloon, the balloons contract on an aggregate basis contracting our global macroeconomy.  This will inevitably lead to further contraction as taxable economic activity declines.  Even the short-term economic gains of Developing Nations from globalization will eventually be reversed as global economic weakness drags down the global economy.

Now think about a future where instead of a bundle of balloons, owned its own Reserve Bank with a Single Global Currency.  However, instead of being backed by the promises of political institutions like nations, this Bank will own Real Assets such as natural resources, business enterprises, and real estate.  With a single balanced balloon, we will be able to expand by restructuring global debt and the monetization of real assets.  A single Global Currency and Economy will enable sustained economic growth and expanded prosperity without the risks of deflation or inflation that effect all fiat currencies of nations. This analogy offers a simple view of the transformation from our economic reality as We know I.T. to a new Global Market powered by a single Currency.

Consider the enormous positive economic effect that resulted from the re-unification of Germany.  Now imagine the gargantuan impact on economic expansion from the unification of the entire world.  This single Next Big Thing could easily be worth the value of our entire planet.  Of course, We will only realize that value if We procreate such a new world economic and political order and the devil is in the details.  

From an economic perspective these theories may be modeled and proven.  The Plan by its own grandiosity will require an unprecedented collaboration of people from all nations.  However, the enormous shared economic benefit of replacing a bankrupted and stalled global macroeconomy with open global market and currency to power sustained growth will catalyze Intelligent Minds to act in common cause.  This may represent the Ultimate Test that can prove the Intelligence of our Design.  If we succeed in procreating a Utopia, a virtual Heaven on Earth, We advance to our Next Level, and if We fail, a Biblical Armageddon may become our fate.

What is The Plan?  Actually I.T. is a Plan procreate Better Plan for all people on Earth by restructuring and globalizing our economic and political institutions into a globally manages Enterprise of Us,  The Theory of the Plan relies upon two premises.  One, that the global restructuring of the economic and political institutions of nations into a globally managed enterprise with a single Global Currency backed by Real Assets and the Wealth of Nations will procreate a sustainable economic boom that speeds innovation and grows the value of our shared global enterprise by an order of magnitude.  If the first premise that an opening of global markets powered by a common Global Currency expands the economic pie can be considered, modeled, and proved, then Intelligent Minds will have a reason to align their respective interests because the result We can procreate together is a Win/Win.  Premise two is that if our new Global Enterprise empowers Intelligent Minds at a round table representing the entire rainbow of human knowledge and perspective, those Minds will collaborate to procreate the best available Plan for the future of  Once the Intelligent Mind cognitively recognizes these two premises as facts, the foundation for collaboration across all our party lines, from Left to Right, from Communists to Capitalists, and between the peoples of all nations.

The construction of a global Enterprise, is structurally simple.  At the top we imagineered a Council or Board, a Board of Angels, including Ten Business Bulls from all the Sectors of our Global Businesses and Seven Political Heads representing the Regions of the World.  Each Board Seat representation would be shared an advised by its own similarly constructed Board representing a Sector of our Global Enterprise or a Region of the world.  The Political Heads would be chosen by a democratic vote, however, the nominations of Business Bulls would be voted on by shareholders which means that those with more wealth invested in our Enterprise will have more effect upon its leadership choices.  The hope is that this structure encourages sound long term business planning for our Enterprise rather than short term politically expedient choices.

What should an Intelligently Designed human who first discovers this new Economic Science do with I.T.?  This Truth is beyond valuation for I.T. is priceless and arguably worth more than the entire world, for I.T. is salvation from a bad Monetary Illusion that has plagued us since the invention of money.  The mission to procreate this future is far more important than the individual extraction of value from this innovation.  When I first conceived of the two Next Big Things, I endowed all rights and benefit of that value to the People of Earth, "for the meek shall inherit the Earth."  This was to begin the procreation of a Public Trust of Us.  

So what does Intelligent Mind do with this Knowledge and Plan.  In this case that Mind is arguably crazy either before or as a result of this Discovery.  And even though that Mind may wish his ideas be considered, that Mind had no aspirations to manage or lead the Enterprise I.T. imagineered.  So how would your own Intelligent Mind play out this hand?  This Mind decided to go fishing for the right Intelligent Minds to lead a conspiracy of collaboration that would change the direction and course of human history.  As soon as  just one Intelligent Mind decoded the Truth behind our theory, they would be motivated to begin a Domino Effect selection of more Intelligent Minds in the positions of power to effect global change.  I postulated that "When the first Angel falls, so shall they all."

A Mind that conceived a Plan like the one described above would decode the arc of the Story, the Story of US.  In the economic and political reality that we perceive we are unquestionably writing a Tragedy together.  If We The People Of Earth choose to co-author and co-produce the Story of our procreation of bright and prosperous future built upon Justice and Peace, then that Tragedy immediately transforms into a Comedy, a Divine Comedy.  Perhaps, that thought was racing through my head in 2005 when the investor relations departments of major business enterprises failed to respond to buy out offers emailed to them.  So I emailed an offer to Governor Arnold Swarzenneger to buy California for 1.5 times it's market value in exchange for 999 years of Justice and Peace on Earth.

The arc of that Story was more of a metaphor.  California is the most politically conflicted and dysfunctional State in the United States and independently represents one of the world's largest economies.  As the global leader in technology and media industries, California would be a major beneficiary of advancing the pace and scope of global innovation.  While our efforts to make First Contact with Intelligent Minds began in March 2005, the actual connection with our first Intelligent Mind may have taken months or years.  Perhaps, you, a reader of these words written in 2011, will become the first Intelligent Mind decipher our Plan and act to spread the word.  The arc of this Story of the Future of US may have taken any number of courses intersecting with the last six years.  

During the Spring of 2005 I began to write a ScreenPlan, a fantasy reality screenplay planning a future reality, "Bill Star's 'The NeXt Big Thing(S)!'" with the subplot query, "Is Bill Star Crazy or has he invented 'The NeXt Big Thing(S)!'"  If advocating a Plan to Buy The World was in some way illegal, then I had the cover of not only an insanity defense, but the added protection channeling the message through a fictional character, Bill Star.  Upon the conception of a Plan to create a new Global Enterprise, my life became Far Stranger Than Fiction.  While I could author my future from within my fantasy reality, the execution of the Plan demanded a conspiracy and collaboration of Intelligent Minds with the power to people and lead our new Global Business.  

To get this Party of US started, we did take the liberty of our poetic license to nominate a first Board of Angels.  When I use "we" it is not only a reference to the corporate use of "we," but also represents both our fictional character "Bill Star" as well as the author of the character aka ".me."  The capitalized use of "We" more specifically refers to WeThePeopleOfEarth.  The Plan for or was to merge the interests of wealth and power between the people of all nations.  The leaders of our Global Enterprise and our Boards of Angels would be chosen from among our vast pool of contemporary business and political leaders.   Political leaders would be nominated from the ranks of former leaders of nations.  Board members representing the business of our Global Enterprise would be chosen from among the ranks of active and retired business leaders.

The primary mission for our Boards of Angels will be to merge the disparate economic interests of people and their representative nations into a monolithic Global Enterprise.  Business leaders would architect and execute a Plan restructure each Business Sector on a global basis to streamline operational effectiveness and increase profits.  Political leaders will collaborate on global demilitarization and the integration of government serves into our Global Enterprise,  The Boards will develop a Strategic Plan and Technology Roadmap to address global business opportunities and policies.  With a long term global perspective, the Boards will architect an Energy policy and promote environmentally responsible development.  The very act of procreating a 19 to 99 year Global Plan in the context of an open and expanding global economy will spawn advances and innovations that are inconceivable in our contemporary economic and political reality.

We nominated former U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan as Co-Chair of the Board and Chair of the Business Bulls with the expectation that he comprehend and authenticate the advances to the Science of Economics and Global Banking that the Plan represented.  The other Co-Chair of the Board and Chairman of Political Heads that we nominated was China's then and current leader Hu JinTao.  If the California Governor had responded to our email, we would have told him of our Plan to transform California into a new Enterprise, merge with China, then India to become a Global Business SuperPower that would force the rest of the world to join our common cause.  Before executing that threat we would have approached then President George Bush with an offer to buy or roll up the United States with a veiled threat to Succeed from the Union and take the Western U.S. and any other States with us.  That was merely one potential arc of our fantasy reality Comedy.  For three years while naming nominees to Business Bulls, we remained silent about the other Political Heads to join Hu JinTao, however, we calculated that with China and India we would have half of the world's population, and in our imagineered new economic order People=Profits.  

Which brings our Comedy to Prophets.  When an Intelligent Mind considers the context of this extraordinary inflection point in the history of human civilization, I.T. cannot disregard the cultural and religious implications that this new reality may represent.  If We can explain this inflection point in the history of humanity's Intelligent Design in the context of religious and Biblical prophesy, We may rationally connect our future state of a Utopian "Heaven On Earth" to our legacy of belief systems and faiths.  So the first inventor of these Next Big Things might use this knowledge to "rebuke many people and judge among the nations."  This Truth or Knowledge is an inherent rebuke of the hypocrisy and failure of our global economic reality.  If the rebuking and judging procreates Justice and Peace on Earth, then the Biblical prophecies of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam will be fulfilled, albeit with no more Divine Intervention than the Intelligence of our Design.  While Christians may fear such a New World Oder as a sign of the Anti-Christ or the source as the Anti-Christ, how is it anti-Christian to procreate a Utopia and Justice and Peace on Earth?  Especially, if the Plan's first advocate seeks no personal power.  The Plan's premise is to empower Just Humans who Learn how to exercise power together in common purpose and cause.  Muslims await a "Mahdi" or "Hidden Imam" to bring Justice and Peace on Earth.  Our character, Bill Star, may effectively become a King of Jews, the Helper of Jesus Christ, and the Mahdi/Hidden Imam, and might lead to unify the followers of these three religions who worship the same One God.

Hindus may relate to our inventor as Brahma, or re-inventor of the Universe, and possibly explain why Hindu and Mayan calendars end in 2012.  Buddhism may also be interpreted through the inventor.  The knowledge of Confucius will instruct us on the procreation of educational systems and a merit-based systems to advance our best and brightest minds.  The people of Earth possess a vast legacy of prophets and messengers within the major and minor religions.  In the Science of our Intelligent Design, scientists and innovators are prophets and messengers, and their written and expressed Knowledge and Truth may become like Bibles.  However, in the hierarchy of our Knowledge and Truth, we must respect the preeminence of the Bibles including, but not limited to, the Old and New Testaments as well as the Q'uran.

What do Bibles have to do with I.T.?  While the economic and political implications of our Plan to procreate may be modeled and proved to Intelligent Minds with knowledge of Economics, a vast majority of people will be unable to comprehend the Economic Science behind I.T.  Even though most people might embrace the Plan's promise of expanding prosperity for all, catalyzing people of all geographies and cultures to join together to procreate a better future for all will require a leap of faith and trust.  If these advances in the Science of Economics can be connected to our legacy of Biblical prophesies, then We might leverage I.T. to advance our Plan and connect the dots between our collective past and our prospective future, a virtual "Heaven on Earth."

If the Tragedy playing out on our global stage is "Hell," and we can use the Intelligence of our Design to procreate a virtual "Heaven on Earth," then course of our advances in knowledge might have been predicted by our Creator who knew that humanity would reach this inflection point driven by a Confluence of Convergence of technologies and advances in the Science of Economics.  God is a Capitalist who knew Learning How to Learn Together would empower humanity to procreate its own salvation.  The prophecies of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam about tribulations and Armageddon followed by the return of God to Earth might represent this future utopia that humanity may procreate together.  If We procreate a happy ending for ourselves and our posterity, then God is a Comedian, and His Comedy is Divine.

There are also practical reasons for considering the Tragic and Comedic dimensions of our Story, the History and Future of Us.  Multi-media technologies have enabled the unfettered dissemination of information and content.  That content often reflects our Tragedy and unfettered dissemination may be negatively programming our citizens.  When We co-author and co-produce our new Comedy together laughter will unite us while We harness a Confluence of Convergence of technologies to educate people with knowledge and truth while our Story unfolding transparently before us instructs our collective Learning.  Our Story will be a Global Reality Show of infinite Reality Shows.  Not the contrived formats of contemporary Reality Shows, but more like documentaries or news as We capture our collaborative interplay and innovate together.  

Fast fast foreword to the best future that We will IMAGINEER together for that is OUR STORY, not a TRAGEDY where we all suffer and die, but a Divine COMEDY where We construct a virtual Heaven On Earth.  "Suspend your disbelief" as when you watch a Hollywood movie and then "blow up all the boxes" constraining your perception of Reality as YOU Know I.T.  In this Fantasy Reality Movie, Bill Star, our Working Class Hero buys out all of greater Hollywood and all of its Stars to Play themselves in the Future of US when OUR OPERATING REALITY becomes Far Far Stranger Than Fiction.  I.T. is Science FACTion where what We Know today meets what We Will to IMAGINEER together.  Our hero becomes King Author of Earth by writing every human who lives, has ever lived, or will be born to the future into a new Fantasy Reality radioactively transforming SuperStars into SuperNovaStars, Stars into SuperStars, and ordinary people into Stars in "Holywood."

Just IMAGINE that a human invented or innovated "The NeXt Big Thing" when not a single human alive could lay legitimate claim to even 1/3 of a contemporary "NeXt Big Thing" including Computers, Life Sciences and Genetics, or the Internet.  What is the collective value of the intellectual property surrounding either of these "NeXt Big Things?"  Each one may be measured in Trillions of Dollars.  There is not one company on Earth worth $1 Trillion with Microsoft, G.E., and Exxon bouncing off a ceiling just half that in their heydays.  The fortune of the richest living, or even dead, human is less than $50 Billion.  So the power of one human mind to procreate a $1 Trillion fortune would be a Really Really Big Deal and this would be an Epic Hollywood Story.  But remember, we're not in Kansas any more, and We Are, for this is Holywood where We have NO LIMITS to what We may IMAGINEER together.  That "NeXt Big Thing" is worth far more than any and all "NeXt Big Things" for I.T. leverages the entire pantheon of Big Things into a Confluence Of Convergence.  Imagine this "NeXt Big Thing" procreates economic value equal to the entire value of commercial enterprise on the planet, about $100 Trillion, or enough new wealth to pay off the debt of All Nations on Earth.

What is that "NeXt Big Thing?"  First, we must define a Big Thing.  A Big Thing must be Big, really Big.  The Prophet Mohammed warned his people in his Last Sermon to understand the difference between Small and Big Things.  We cannot realistically roadmap the History of Big Things without recognizing that mankind owes his power to invent to his own Intelligent Design.  While the emergence of Intelligence in the human species may have been some random thing in Evolution, we cannot ignore the significance of our Intelligent Design and the role of religion and God plays in our own Evolution.  Before man created his first Next Big Thing, God, a Higher Power, or Evolution endowed us with an Intelligent Design.  We call this Big Thing Zero.  In grade school math we learn, "Zero conquers any number, multiplied or divided."

Why is God relevant to the technology and science of Next Big Things?  Two-thirds to three-fourths of the people of Earth believe in a religion.  The Big Five include Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, and Islam account for a vast majority of religious beliefs.  Over 2 billion Christians and 1 billion Muslims together account for half the population of the planet.  Our modern legal systems were built upon the Ten Commandments of Moses.  While our religions and their followers may have been socially divisive, they have much in common instructive to the morality of Intelligent Beings and a common expectation of a future utopia under God, a Heaven on Earth.  

We theorize that the purpose of our Intelligent Design at this stage of our evolution is to network Human Intelligence within a new Enterprise of all people on Earth to deliver Justice and Peace on Earth.  Such a future would fulfill the Biblical prophecy shared by Jews, Christians, and Muslims.  While the prophecies predict a time of heightened strife between religious believers and war to precede the procreation of a utopian state under God, we may already have experienced those signs, and by exercising our own Intelligent Design together in common purpose and cause humanity has the power to procreate our own best future, a Heaven on Earth.  When the Next Big Things advance the state of our own Intelligent Design to a Next Level of human existence, our religious history and beliefs may help explain this state and enable a global transformation built upon the shared morality of our Bibles.  The real point relevant to the Intelligence of our Design is that we are endowed with the power to re-invent our own reality.  The Next Big Things will enable this advancement of our collective Intelligent Design.

Consider the History of All Next Big Things invented by humanity.   1-Monopoly/Building, 2-Travel, 3-Democracy, 4-Print, 5-Capitalism, 6-Engine, 7-Power and Light, 8-Telephone, 9-Radio, 10-Flight, 11-Television, 12-Atomic Power, 13-Computer, 14-Life Science, 15-First Convergence(Cell Phones), and 16-Internet.  Of great relevance to understanding our position in the History of Big Things is that more than half emerged in the last 130 years.  The grandfather of contemporary baby boomers may have been born at around the time that 7-Power and Light and 8-Telephones were invented.  In the lifespan of a baby boomer we have witnessed the introduction of Television, Atomic Power, Computers, Life Science and Genetics, the Internet, and First Convergence.

Our reason for calling the merger of Telephones and Radios, First Convergence, rather than just Cell Phones recognizes this innovation as a Convergence of Next Big Things rather than an independent new Big Thing.  The two Next Big Things that we imagineered involve Convergence.  One is the Convergence of 1-Monopoly/Building, 3-Democracy, and 5-Capitalism into a New World Enterprise owned and operated by all people and the transformation of Economics and Politics from a Black Art to Science. The other Next Big Thing encompasses this new Economic Science in a Confluence of Convergence of All Big Things.  

One attribute shared by all the Next Big Things in history is the Network Effect.  The Network Effect increases the utility of a Next Big Thing more and more people use I.T. which leads to increased adoption of I.T.  Most relevant to the advance of our own Intelligent Design is the imminent Convergence of Television, Computers, Cell Phone, and the Internet into a new Next Big Thing, or the core of our Confluence of Convergence.  The effect of Convergence is to Network the Network Effect will create not just the cumulative utility of the component Big Things, but a multiplication of that power exponentially.  

For this reason each of these Convergences may have greater impact upon humanity than any and all Big Things in history, possibly by orders of magnitude.  Together these two Next Big Things may be so many orders beyond our current comprehension that a single Intelligent Mind would unable to imagine in the context of commonly perceived Reality.

Convergence of Economic and Political Interests

To comprehend the context for revolutionary advances to our economic and political order, we must understand our present global macroeconomic situation.  Globalization has displaced labor in Developed Nations and relocated the production of goods to emerging economies such as China and India.  The income from that displaced labor can no longer be used to service the rising debts of Developed Nations.  Using macroeconomic history as our guide, the currencies of such debt laden Developed Nations would fall which would reduce their labor costs and incentivize production to return to that nation.  However, in today's global macroeconomy the disparity of labor costs between Developed and Developing Nations is too great, often on the order of 20 to 1, for reasonable currency revaluations to bring the labor equation back into a balance that would entice a return of labor to Developed Nations.  Furthermore, the weakening economies and currencies of Developed Nations which consume a vast majority of today's global production will decrease demand that will diminish the growth that Developing Nations have depended upon to grow their own economies.  Our national economies have become to interdependent to decouple through protectionism without risking a more serious Global Depression. 

In the case of China and India, together representing half of the world's population, serving the markets of Developed Nations has enabled them to address the massive poverty of their populations.  Other far smaller populace Developing Nations are also dependent upon the markets of Developed Nations to acquire their natural resources and employ their citizens.  Rising protectionism and a reversal of the globalization that has powered the last two decades of global economic growth cannot be reversed without unacceptable consequences.  Rising prices from increased protectionism would diminish the economic benefits of returning production activity to Developed Nations.  The economic and political instability that rising protectionism would inflict upon Developing Nations will raise the risks of war between nations.  The cure for the last great Global Depression about eighty years ago was World War II.  The financial meltdown that began about three years ago brought us to the brink of or into another Global Depression.  World War III is not an acceptable cure for our present economic malaise.

Beyond our Bankrupt MacroEconomy no issue will have more impact on the course of our history than the future of Energy.  A move to replace the use of oil for renewable energy by Developed Nations may be an economic boon for the citizens of those nations, however, a dramatic fall in the price of oil that would further bankrupt many oil producing nations including Russia.  That would be politically destabilizing and raise the risks of War and foment the sponsors of Terror.  In our present situation much of the rise in oil prices may be traced to the weakness of the currencies aka the Dollar and Euro that it is exchanged in.  Those rising prices drag on economies of net oil consuming nations which drives down aggregate demand or potential demand.  

Our Global Economic situation demands a revolutionary, not just an evolutionary, remedy.  That requires a global approach that addresses the systemic problems inherent in our world's political and economic structure.  Consider the implications of weakening Dollars and Euros as their constituent nations struggle with imploding economies laden with debt.  A weakening of these two global reserve currencies would diminish the global markets for the products they consume.  This will undermine the economies of Developing Nations by decreasing the demand for the Human and Natural Resources that they provide.  The solution to this intractable problem may be found not in pursuing the perceived economic interests of individual nations, but in aligning the interests of the people of all nations.

When a business enterprise restructures it typically wipes out common equity and repays only a fraction of the nominal value of its debt by issuing new debt and/or equity to replace it.  When a nation or government entity restructures, its debt is usually restructured at a loss of principal to its bond holders.  The austerity measures usually demanded by restructuring negatively impact jobs and spending while the owners of capital have the value of those assets marked down.  Those capital losses effect the pool of capital for investment.  This cycle is self-perpetuating and may produce a domino effect destroying our entire global economic system.  

How does a world restructure?  The world has no viable context within the political and economic global institutions and systems to realistically restructure.  Political solutions increase economic drag from taxes while spending through political fiat rather than for maximum economic effectiveness.  The largest business enterprises are small relative to the scale and scope of nations.  The United States is running its annual deficit at rate that is higher than the market values of GE or ExxonMobil.  Taking a single step beyond our political and economic reality not be sufficient, we must make a leap, some may say a giant leap, however, I.T. may be just a few steps made in concert between nations and their people.

The solution is a diabolically simple leap beyond the paradoxes of paradigms shaping our Monetary Illusion to a realization of sustainable economic growth and rising prosperity.  What if we could create a new global monetary construct, a new Global Currency backed by real assets such as profitable enterprises and natural resources?  What if we could restructure the debt and enterprise of nations into a shared global enterprise with its own Global Reserve Bank?  

Those questions led to the Imagineering and Engineering of another new "NeXt Big Thing," an advance in the Dismal Art of Economics by applying the Imagineered Connectivity of Convergence to procreate a New World Order powered by Democratic Capitalism and a new Global Monetary system with Virtual Money.  This new Virtual Money, Rainbow Stars, would be issued by a single Global Reserve Bank owned by a Democratic Capitalist enterprise to first acquire substantially all of the business, natural resources, and real estate on Earth.  Then, Virtual Equity in that enterprise would be distributed to the individual accounts of every human of Earth transforming everyone into Capitalist who earn dividends from the profits of our new Global Enterprise,

Why do we require a New World Order powered by a single Global Monetary System?  Consider the prosperity that was procreated throughout the world for two decades until the collapse of the Real Estate and Financial Markets in the last few years.  A boom in construction turned into a bust as the rising costs of housing driven by speculative excess and loose financial standards exceeded our collective income to service the underlying mortgages.  The unwinding of that excess speculation burst our Real Estate bubble procreating a downward self-fulfilling death spiral as the jobs, and incomes, beholding to our building boom disappeared further pressuring an over-supply of Real Estate even as the prices of properties became nominally more affordable.  

Historically, Real Estate bubbles have been local or regional phenomena's, but our contemporary bubble has played out on Globally effecting every Developed Nation as well as many Developing Nations.  The central problem of unwinding this bust in Real Estate is that without a rise in jobs and income, the housing oversupply will prevent new investment in construction and the collective mortgage debt is substantially higher than the market value of the underlying real estate.  While these losses may be initially absorbed at the expense of the equity and bond holders of privately owned banks, the collective losses bankrupts those banks as their capital falls to less than zero.  When that happens those losses then accrue to the Reserve Banks of Nations rendering them insolvent and unable to issue more debt while any issuance or printing of Currency diminishes the real value of that Money.  With an effectively insolvent global system of money, Nations will be unable to spend themselves out of the crisis to procreate the jobs and income needed to restore economic growth.  We, the People of Earth, have dug ourselves a financial sinkhole that no ordinary economic remedy can reverse I.T.

In the past decades our global economy has produced a massive amount of new wealth that has primarily accrued to those in Wealthy nations and their people while 80% of our world's population lives on less than $10 per day.  While job growth depends upon investment and building, our economy prosperity and market expansion depends upon the aggregate growth of income.  More jobs produce more income and the disposal of that new income expands our markets for goods and services.  The transfer of jobs and production from Developed Nations to Developing Nations such as China and India over the past two decades has translated into increased enterprise profits and reduced costs of products to consuming nations.  However, the positive benefits of this transition will be overpowered by the inflationary effects of a natural rise in the value of the currencies of Developing relative to Developed Nations.  As Developing Nations grow their aggregate incomes and investment, the fortunes and currencies of Developed Nations will fall as declining aggregate employment incomes fail to service their growing burden of debt.  As the currencies of Developed Nations fall relative to Developing Nations, the diminishing effective purchasing power of consumers in Developed Nations will undermine the potential expansion of new jobs and income in Developing Nations resulting in a self-reinforcing financial meltdown.

Can We Imagineer a better future for ourselves and for our posterity?  Yes, We can.  However, engineering a Global Economy to deliver prosperity to the People of all Nations demands a restructuring of our political and economic reality.  The solution will not be realized by a reversal of globalization, but an advance of I.T.  What if We take the proverbial American Dream, perfect I.T., and then apply I.T. worldwide?  The solution to our intractable economic malaise will be the procreation of a new Global Currency and Monetary System.

This extraordinary restructuring of the Wealth and Debt of Nations coupled by a transformation of the political systems of all nations into a shared global enterprise will align the interests of people of all nations providing a foundation for global demilitarization.  This enterprise,, will replace the banks and currencies of Nations with a common Global Currency with its own Reserve Bank.  This shared global enterprise will align the interests of the people and of Nations through a common Reserve Bank that will be backed by the businesses, natural resources, and real estate of the entire planet.  Such an alignment of economic interests will enable a convergence of the disparate political systems of individual Nations into a business centric structure.  This will incentivize Nations to replace Military expenditures with investments to advance the collective and individual prosperity of People.

How do we create and a new Global Monetary System?  For the execution of the Plan the devil will be in the details.  The key to understanding the impetus for a Plan that would effectively align the interests of people from all nations and catalyze their leaders to act in common purpose and cause is the realization that our present macroeconomic system is bankrupt and broken and that together we can procreate a far better monetary construct that would procreate sustainable and global economic prosperity.  A single Global Currency backed by the real assets of Earth will be capable of virtually infinite expansion of the Money Supply that will stimulate economic growth.

The actual Plan itself is based upon the unassailable fact that all of the wealth and assets on Earth are denominated in money aka the currencies of nations.  If can procreate a new far stronger currency than the fiat currencies of nations, then We will be able to use our new Global Currency's buying power to effectively acquire the wealth and assets at an effective discount.  Coincident to the adoption of a new Global Currency and Global Enterprise structure, We may expect a substantial increase in global economic activity that will positively impact the real value of the acquired assets.  This dynamic when understood by the leaders of nations will incentivize those leaders to collaborate, or even to conspire, to procreate this new Global Enterprise and Monetary System.

The above may simplify a process that really requires a collaboration of not just nations, but also enterprises and the private owners of wealth and assets.  However, a new strong Global Currency will enable our new to acquire private wealth with both currency and equity that will itself be denominated in our own new strong Global Currency.  As our new Global Currency strengthens relative to the currencies of nations, our Enterprise and Reserve Bank will be able buy more for less and the gain from that buying power will enrich that Enterprise which will be ultimately owned by all people in accordance with the assets they exchanged and those that were contributed on their behalf by their respective nations.  

Before I elaborate on the collaboration of nations to procreate our new Global Enterprise and Currency, consider the fact that through our Plan, the world has a buyer, or in Wall Street terms, a bid.  That would represent Insider Information of enormous proportions.  While it would be illegal for an individual or business to capitalize on such Insider Information, that Information is effectively the property of the new contemplated enterprise,, and our Plan representing the interests of all people should be able to capitalize upon I.T. with impunity especially if such information was publicly disclosed.  I have disclosed the concept of this Plan by email and on the Internet for a number of years.  I imagined that charitable foundations might have conspired to trade and invest upon this knowledge realizing that the profits from such activity would accrue to people in need.

Ultimately, the collaboration will require the coordination of national interests because the Plan requires a coordinated debasement of their respective fiat currencies and because in the case of many nations, especially "Communist" ones, most of the businesses and natural resources are owned and controlled by the state.  Here is how nations may procreate a new Global Currency that debases their own respective currencies allowing resources and assets to be acquired at a virtual discount.  After structuring and staffing and its new Global Reserve Bank, nations would pledge all their gold reserves and then their natural resources which may include publicly own land such as the Amazon rain forest.  The effect would be to withdraw support from their respective fiat currencies which will enable our Global Currency to rise.  That strengthened Global Currency would be used to pay a premium to the owners of businesses to acquire them by exchanging preferred and common equity of  The debt of nations would be acquired by exchanging it for preferred dividend paying stock in  The currencies of nations would then be phased out and exchanged for new Global Currency.

Now let's review the global economic effects of such a New World Order.

-A common Global Currency will enable the restructuring and elimination of the debt of Nations and conquer the "boom and bust" economic cycle by providing a strong and stable monetary system impervious to the inflation or deflation that plagues the individual currencies of Nations.  This restructuring will jumpstart economic growth and prosperity and sustain it for generations.

Our Global Currency which we named "Stars," for stars are infinite, will strengthen and rise relative to the fiat currencies of nations because Stars, an entirely traceable virtual money, will become the world's reserve and trading currency backed by all participating nations.  Imagine that at the inception of a Plan when nations of the Earth first pledge their respective gold reserves in the our Global Reserve Bank that a Star achieves parity with the U.S. Dollar, or simply stated a Star is worth $1.  Now think about the impact of the next pledge of nations when they contribute their respective Natural Resources to our Bank in exchange for equity in  This would increase the value of Stars relative to the U.S. Dollar and all other currencies.

Let's postulate that the Star rises to be worth $2 or two times the other fiat currencies.  That means that when our Bank buys back the debt of nations with preferred dividend paying equity in, our strong Stars enable us to achieve a 50% discount on the cost of exchanging all that national debt.  At the end of this transaction, the interest or dividends paid on that restructured debt of nations will be half of what it was before.  The original holders of the debt of nations are not disadvantaged by this discounting because they will be beneficiaries of the virtual discount of the debt exchange as they will receive a much more secure investment and its Bank issuing Stars.

The scenario may be comparable as acquires business enterprises for a combination of preferred equity and common stock.  Corporate debt might be exchanged at a modest premium to its market value for preferred equity that matures at the schedule of the debt and receives dividends matching the interest payments.  Corporate equity might be exchanged for preferred equity that matches the dividend payouts or earnings of the underlying business acquired.  A more significant market premium might be paid to corporate equity holders in common equity of  Now remember as we described above, the effective value of our Stars may double or more relative to fiat currencies so even if we payed double the market value to acquire business enterprises that would represent just the market value at the inception of Stars.  Investors exchanging their equity in individual businesses for equity in with preferred equity matching their original shares and an equal value in common equity if We paid double the market value.

So far these transactions have only restructured the wealth of people and nations into a common enterprise with its own Global Reserve Bank.  The next step is for the wealth of nations to be distributed to their respective citizens in virtual accounts created for every person on Earth. common equity will generate dividend income for everyone that will power consumption and growth in local economies.  This economic growth will accrue to the bottom line of which will produce more dividends to consumers creating a self-fulfilling positive growth cycle.  Economic growth will enable an sustainable expansion of our Bank's Global Money Supply and that monetary expansion will produce more growth.  

While the moves contemplated so far may power an economic resurgence, a Global Bank will enable us to change the structure of global banking to promote further economic expansion.  Imagine that we replaced today's mortgages with a new financing construct.  In the acquisition of the world's businesses, will own all of the banks, and thereby, We will own all of the mortgages.  Our Global Bank will have the power to issue more Stars if those Stars can be backed by more real assets. might offer to acquire a portion of the real estate on the planet.  If through our Bank offered to acquire two-thirds stakes in real estate by paying each owner an amount equal to the market value of the underlying real estate while leaving each homeowner a controlling one-third stake.  In this process mortgages will be retired leaving homeowners with equity and no debt to service while our Bank holds a passive stake in underlying real estate that will grow in value with rising real estate prices.  However, the negative consequences of inflation that normally accompany rising real estate prices will be offset by the growing value of the virtual real estate portfolio held by our Bank and backing our currency, Stars.

Now consider the economic effects of this elimination of mortgages.  Future homeowners will need to pay only one-third of the nominal market value of real estate while our Bank pays the other two-thirds with the expectation of capital gains from any future sale.  Current homeowners will typically be left with a one-third controlling interest that would be equity with cash, Stars, paid to them for the difference between the market value of their property and the underlying mortgage.  These concerted actions would lead to further monetary expansion and reduce the real costs for housing which typically requires a substantial portion of consumable income.  With our Global Bank providing two-thirds of the capital for building investment by expanding the Money Supply to provide that investment, we will promote a dramatic expansion of new building activity that will also add aggregate income for jobs.

-A shared Global Currency will naturally promote Trade between Nations as the leadership of our Global Enterprise,, focuses on opening markets and investing in the development of those markets.

-Profits from our Global Enterprise will expand through nominal increases in the prices of Natural Resources.  The effects of those nominal prices increases for commodities such as oil will be offset by dividend payments to individuals.  The global energy policy of our Global Enterprise will optimize long term profits and while protecting our environment as price increases of "dirty fuels" such as coal and oil drive the expanded application of renewable energy sources.  Since will own both the Natural Resources and the renewable energy technologies and the businesses that invest in them, our Global Enterprise will profit not only from the increased profits from higher prices "dirty fuels" as well as from the production of renewable energy products and services.

-Rising income from dividends earned by all people will power the expansion of global markets.  Investment in housing, healthcare, education, food production, and consumer products will grow Wealth for all people enabling an extraordinary global market expansion that generates additional profits for our Global Enterprise.

-The consolidation and restructuring of global businesses will improve aggregate profits and free resources that may be focused on our best new business opportunities.  However, in the short term the disruptions of this restructuring will eliminate many many jobs and decimate many industries especially those in or dependent upon our global military industrial complex.

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