What Is D* i*FUTURE Of i*MONEY  .....?

What is the Future of Money?

Some may claim that I.T. is the result of a natural Darwinian evolution.  Some may call I.T. a miracle from God that proves Intelligent Design.  When will humanity learn that the Wealth of All Nations will be decided by the future of Money.....

Real Money...  One Small Step for Mad Money, One Grandiose Leap for Mankind...

Can you imagine the United Nations conceiving "The Next Big Thing?"  Do you think businesses will think so far out-of-the-box that they imagineer an Internet based currency to challenge the dominance of fiat currencies?  Will the greatest discovery in the history of economics come from the hallowed halls of academia?  Can you envision the world's political, business, and academic luminaries thinking far enough out-of-the-boxes that they manage and measure to observe the proverbial forest through the trees?  Who will dare cross the lines de-marking the dominions of academics, business, and politics?  Will "The Next Big Thing" spring forth from the ruminations of just One Beautiful Mind?   Who among us will listen to the voice of One Beautiful Mind conspiring to illuminate a grandiose dream to construct a Fountain of Wealth?   

What really is "The Next Big Thing?"  Will I.T. be an innovation of one of humanity's earliest and most profitable inventions, the business of making money?  The Internet opened our doors of perception to the transformation of capitalism as We know I.T. with the procreation of a new virtual monetary standard, Real Money, owned by a new private Public Trust endowed to We The People of Earth.  Real Money will overthrow our global patchwork of fiat currencies issued by nations and replace those with a virtual currency, traceable by transaction, and backed by a Reserve Bank with profitable Real Assets.  Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.

What if We The People could monetize the Earth and all of its People?  The adoption of Real Money will monetize the Earth's natural resources.  How do We monetize People?  Guerilla Capitalism will enable Us to unleash vast pools of untapped Human Capital.

What if We divined a Plan that conquered the Business Cycle enabling steady sustainable economic growth?  In the past fifty years, technology inventions and innovations propelled economic growth in the U.S. in spite of the nation's decline as a manufacturing and industrial power.  The stock market bubble that burst in the new millennium prompted the U.S. Federal Reserve to drastically lower interest rates.  That easy money policy created a real estate bubble and credit crisis that brought down our global economy.  Although our stock markets have bounced back sharply, a secular rise in unemployment undermines the aggregate income available to support real estate values.  Without the benefit of new incomes from a booming construction industry, the U.S. economy will remain stagnant unless We discover new technologies or industries.  While the last 50 years have been the most prolific in the history of humanity, technology faces an epic clash of markets and industries in a Confluence of Convergence.     

Imagine a plan to harness the business cycle eliminating the booms and busts and replacing volatile economic performance with sustainable global growth.  This plan will procreate a tsunami of "Trickle Down" and "Trickle Up" supply side stimulus catalyzing an economic explosion, a Next Big Bang.  The windfall profits resulting in an economic Next Big Bang will fund a bright and prosperous future for We The People of Earth.  This plan will transform every person on Earth into a card carrying capitalist overnight augmenting or replacing traditional labor income with investment income.  Can you imagineer the future of free free enterprise on Earth?

Who is "We The People of Earth?" and why does I.T. matter?  While a political integration of nations into a new world order may be almost impossible, an alignment of economic interests may not only be quite possible, I.T. may be the only path to taming the business cycle and fueling sustainable global economic growth.  Who is entitled to the windfall profits earned from the ensuing economic explosion?  If this economic explosion transpired in today's financial markets, the owners of capital, the rich, would become the primary benefactors.  The monetization of global equity and resources will produce a huge wave of "Trickle Down" supply side economic stimulus.  In order to unleash a "Trickle Up" supply side tsunami, We The People of Earth should acquire substantially all of the world's natural resources and global enterprises in concert with the procreation of a Real Money and the implementation of Guerilla Capitalism.  We The People of Earth will become a Private Public Trust owned by nations for the benefit of their respective citizens.

We The People of Earth will acquire Real Assets, the world's natural resources and global businesses, that will implicitly back a new Global Monetary System, including a new currency, Real Money, with its own independent Reserve Bank.  The Public Trust will be led by a Board comprised of business and political luminaries nominated by their peers and ratified by a vote of All People.  The capital for our new Private Public Trust for We The People of Earth will be provided by each nation.  Nations will exchange their gold reserves, natural resources, and ownership stakes in private enterprise for a share of the Trust.  Additionally, nations will fund the acquisition of private enterprises.  In concert with these actions, all nations will open their markets and adopt a plan to phase out their respective sovereign currencies over a number of years while embracing Real Money as the world's monetary standard.

How will Real Money harness the business cycle transforming it into a sustainable fountain of prosperity?  Consider our future in a economy dominated by a single global currency, Real Money, backed by Real Assets including substantially all of Earth gold, oil, and other natural resources.  Over time as these resources are depleted, the notional value on the balance sheet of our Real Money Reserve Bank will decline.  Since We will need to expand our Real Money supply over time, We must replace the value of depleted natural resources as well as grow Real Assets to match monetary expansion to prevent a devaluation of our global currency.

While inflation and currency devaluations represent a serious threat in a multi-currency global economy, in an economy dominated by a single currency standard the notional value of Real Money can only be measured in terms of Real Assets.  We The People's Public Trust will own our global enterprises and our Real Money Reserve Bank will own our natural resources and gold reserves.  Smaller businesses and real estate not owned by our global enterprises will continue to be owned by individuals.  Our global banks backed by our Real Money Reserve Bank will continue to lend to businesses and finance real estate.  The monetary expansion and supply side stimulus would normally inflate the value of global real estate, but since We will use our natural resource monopolies to raise prices and profits, the value of Real Money will rise relative to global real estate reducing the cost-of-living for consumers.  

Consider the notion of a "Strong" or "Weak" currency in a world dominated by a single monetary standard.  In today's multi-currency regime, a "Strong" or strengthening currency means that imports are cheaper and exports are more expensive.  In a single currency global economy, notional fluctuation in the value of Real Money in terms of Real Assets will have no effect on the imports or exports of national economies.  In a single currency global market regime, the strengthening of Real Money will reduce costs across the board while weakening or diminishing its value will raise costs.  In a single global currency regime, a "Strong" currency will raise the prosperity of humanity by reducing costs and increasing consumer buying power.  

In order to maintain the strength of Real Money as the natural resources held by our Reserve Bank are depleted, our Real Money Reserve Bank will acquire a passive 15% stake in global real estate mortgages.  This will reduce the costs of owning real estate for individuals and businesses while building the balance sheet of the Reserve Bank with the Real Asset most likely to inflate into a market bubble.  Once our Reserve Bank acquires substantial global real estate equity, rising real estate prices will be muted by a corresponding increase in the value of Real Estate owned by the Real Money Reserve Bank.  This balance will enable us to grow our global economy dramatically faster without fueling inflation.

A Real Money monetary standard will fuel a tsunami of supply side stimulus and harness the business cycle.  Opening global markets and adopting a single global monetary standard will lift the boats of almost all people.  The corrupt and criminals will be threatened by Real Money.  An electronically traceable virtual monetary standard will take a big bite out of money laundering and criminal activity.  How will the corrupt and criminals hide their commerce when Real Money transactions are traceable?

While Real Money monetary system will restructure and recapitalize our global enterprise endowing We The People of Earth with a better and more prosperous future, another innovation that we call Guerilla Capitalism promises to advance our new free free enterprise to the next level.  How will We share the bountiful windfall profits created by our concerted actions?  We may equitably distribute those profits to every person.  An additional $1-10 a day in income will mean very little to those living in developed nations, such a bounty may be a lifesaver to the poorest among us.  For Guerilla Capitalism to more directly benefit the rich and middle class, consumers will earn Guerilla Equity in tracking stock with 7 year vesting of the enterprise or Industry in an amount equivalent to 1/3 of the profits from purchases or other activities.  Additionally, Guerilla Equity may augment or replace wages for traditional employees as well as virtual workers in CyberSpace.  All of these approaches to profit sharing will produce a "Trickle Up" supply side economic stimulus.

If We can generate an incremental profit from the actions of our citizens, then I.T. rewards US both individually, and collectively, to incentivize those profit generating activities by sharing those profits.  The dividends from the accumulated Guerilla Equity will supplement individual and aggregate incomes and drive sustainable economic growth.  This Guerrilla Equity will grow into an enormous pyramid of rising dividend income.  This "Trickle Up" supply side economic stimulus will enable a self-perpetuating Fountain of Wealth Creation.

Guerilla Capitalism Monetizes Human Capital

The rise of technology and the Internet is democratizing information and changing the dynamics of Capitalism.  "Free" products and services disrupt and disinter-mediate the traditional business models.  Guerilla Capitalism promises to disinter-mediate the business models of technology and financial enterprises by tapping vast pools of unexploited Human Capital.  

In order to understand the disruptive and transformative effect of Guerilla Capitalism, imagine that our acquisition spree commenced with a $10-15 billion acquisition of Facebook.  The equity of Facebook would be placed in the Public Trust for We The People of Earth and implicitly back Real Money when issued.  Since our Public Trust owns Facebook's equity, We may choose to implement a revolutionary profit sharing initiative that promises to tap Earth's vast underutilized pool of Human Capital.  Today, when a user spends time or clicks on an ad, Facebook earns profits for its owners.  Once We The People's Trust owns Facebook, We may choose to share 1/3 of profits in the form of Guerilla Equity with each user for their activities and clicks.  The Guerilla Equity will be a tracking stock for the performance of Facebook's business.  In effect, the Internet based actions by humans creates revenue and profits for our Public Trust while each individual is rewarded with an investment paying dividends.

What happens to Facebook's revenues, profits, and subscriber growth when We begin sharing those profits on a micro-transactional basis with Guerilla Equity?  Every new user will generate profits for Facebook so why not offer user a bounty of 1/3 or more of those profits from signing up?  What happens when We The People's Facebook signs up 3-5 billion users?  

While We suggested Facebook as an initial catalyst, any strong Internet oriented technology companies such as Apple or Google could easily become the champions for We The People and Real Money.  Guerilla Equity could repair the broken and breaking business models in the music and entertainment industry.  Imagine a world where the only way to earn equity in a business or brand is to purchase and/or use their products and services.  Movie franchises and entertainers may issue a Tracking Stock for their Brands that distribute Guerilla Equity to those who pay for their products.  Why pay for music when you can download I.T. for free?  The only way to acquire equity in the Brand will be to buy the product in order to earn a share of the profits in Guerilla Equity.  The value of the Brand equity earned will compound in a pyramid fashion with the popularization of the respective Brand.

Guerilla Equity may also be deployed to incentivize the quest for knowledge.  When the advancement of a virtual reality based CyberSpace enables classes and education to delivered over the Internet, We may use Guerilla Equity to pay educators as well as students.  If We can demonstrate that advancing an individual's Human Capital with education generates profits for our Public Trust, then it will make sense to provide Internet based education for "free" and We may further profit from paying students in Guerilla Equity to learn. 

Building a Real Money Business 

What is the future of Money?  What lies beyond our byzantine patchwork of fiat currencies?  Will a new monetary system enable Us to eliminate systemic risks and create stable sustainable growth?  How will We The People of Earth procreate a new global monetary system?

Can you imagine a political institution such as the United Nations leading the adoption of a new monetary standard?  Sovereign Nations will be extremely reluctant to give up their power to print money.  A new stable global currency must be implicitly backed by more than debt laden government institutions.  The Reserve Bank managing this new currency should be independent from sovereign nations.  This new money should be implicitly backed by Real Assets on the Balance Sheet of its Reserve Bank.  Our new currency may take advantage of technology to make Real Money entirely virtual, electronically held in individual accounts with every transaction traceable. 

If the Real Money Reserve Bank is to be an independent institution, then who will own I.T., and who will earn the profits from printing money?  The only logical answer to this question is We The People of Earth.  Sovereign nations will own stakes in the Reserve Bank on behalf of their citizens.  How do We procreate a new private global institution with the power and credibility to print Real Money that will become the world's primary currency?  We may hope that political leaders will lead us to a new monetary standard.  It is likely the leaders of sovereign nations will only act in concert to create a new global monetary system when faced with a crisis and global financial meltdown?

What could possibly provoke the leaders of diverse sovereign nations to support opening up their markets and the procreation of a new global currency?  How could these divergent national interests agree on the structure and ownership of a new global Reserve Bank?  Why will leaders subordinate their national currencies to a new global monetary standard?  Why will they debase their own currencies to drive up the Real Value of Real Money?  

To answer these questions and put this choice in perspective, imagine that the circle below represents the Real Value, GDP, or aggregate mark-to-market value of our global enterprise.


Now imagine that a Plan could be implemented to grow our Real Value, GDP, or mark-to-market value of global enterprise into a much larger PIE depicted below.


The difference in area between these two scenarios represents the Opportunity Cost from failing to achieve our Best Available Future.  If by selecting a Plan to procreate Real Money and Guerilla Capitalism We can grow our PIE this dramatically, then it makes little sense for our leaders to waste much time arguing over how to slice this PIE.  When the Value of Real Money rises relative the world's currencies, the Real Money costs to acquire Earth's natural resources and businesses will decline. 

In order to understand why nations will debase their own currencies in favor of Real Money, you must realize that in the future We procreate together, every nation representing their citizens will share profits from the same PIE.  We know that the stimulative effects of opening global markets and the monetary supply side tsunami will catapult economic growth.  We know that Real Money and Guerilla Capitalism will lift most boats, therefore, PIE should acquire Earth's profitable enterprises and natural resources in advance so the windfall profits will accrue to All People.  An across the board deflation in the values of sovereign currencies relative to Real Money reduces our cost to acquire Real Assets.  While this deflation is a monetary illusion, the cost savings are real.  Reality will become bifurcated between Capitalism as We know I.T. and an exploding economy driven by Real Money backed by PIE's Real Assets generating profits to be shared with All People.

Everyone benefits from paying less Real Money to acquire Earth's Real Assets.  If We acquire all enterprise and natural resources in a blitzkrieg buy out, then We may pay more for some resources and enterprises that We plan to phase out or downsize.  The improvement in time to realizing the benefits of Real Money may more than offset the higher cost of a blitzkrieg buy out.  An alternative approach is to build PIE more slowly acquiring the most profitable enterprises and resources with the most promising futures first while allowing the prices of those Left Behind to be marked-to-market.  Below we present a possible scenario for acquiring PIE's Real Assets in a staged buy out, but first let's review why We The People will support our cause.

We The People of Earth are far from homogenous, we are poor and We are rich, we hail from developing nations and fully developed ones, from rich nations and poor ones, We speak many languages, but We all count with the same numbers.  We can slice and dice the demographics of humanity in every way, but no matter how you slice US, We The People of {FILL IN THE BLANK} will be more prosperous in a world fueled by Real Money and Guerilla Capitalism.  Our rising economic tide will lift the proverbial boats of everyone except for criminals and the vampires of Casino Capitalism.  

For the 80% of humanity surviving on less than $10 a day, $1-10 a day in dividend income from Guerilla Equity will have a substantial impact upon the living standards of the poorest among US.  For the wealthiest among US Real Money will eliminate systemic risks that threaten their individual fortunes and increase their risk adjusted investment returns.  For those wealthy individuals still engaged in the day-to-day leadership of businesses, the rise of a freed free global enterprise will enable businesses to advance to the Next Level.  These business luminaries along with the world's contemporary political leaders will become Founding Fathers of our New World Order.  For some among the remaining 20%, opening of global markets may accelerate employment dislocations.  The windfall profits from our Plan will enable US to provide generous severance benefits for those displaced.

For many of US our fortunes rise and fall with performance of a local or national economy.  For those working in services that must be delivered in person, globalization and opening of markets will have little impact on their incomes.  The economies of every nation on Earth are threatened with a change in fortune that will decimate the prosperity of that nation.  While the poorest nations have very little to lose, and very much to gain, our wealthier nations will benefit from the diversification that Real Money delivers.  Now is a great time to merge the fortunes and interests of nations.  If one or more of the economically destabilizing scenarios described below occur, then the risks of a regional or global war will rise.

Russia, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Venezuela, Norway, and many other nations depend upon oil revenues to fuel their economies.  While today these nations benefit from historically high oil prices, this income source may be decimated by a fall in oil prices or diminished as alternative technologies displace demand.  By allowing these nations to exchange their oil reserves for a stake in PIE and Real Money, the fortunes of these nations will be diversified.  In effect, these nations will exchange their oil reserves for a share of all of the world's business enterprises and natural resources.  

Nations endowed natural resources such as Canada, Australia, Chile, etc. will be able to monetize those resources and exchange them for a stake in PIE.  The economic Next Big Bang We procreate will drive demand which will allow US to increase prices and drive the profitability of our global Basic Materials Industry.  Nations rich in natural resources will benefit from the monetization of those resources and sustainable global economic prosperity.   Once We own Earth's natural resources together, We will raise prices for Basic Materials to procreate windfall profits to strengthen Real Money and provide dividends for All People.  The higher costs paid by consumers for Basic Materials will be offset by the dividends from accumulated Guerilla Equity. 

China and India together represent half of Earth's people.  If Real Money and Guerilla Capitalism can unleash Human Capital, then the People of these two nations as well as All People have much to gain.  China's manufacturing powerhouse cannot prosper with tepid global demand.  India is less dependent on the global economy than China.  The economies of each of these nations will benefit from a tsunami of supply side stimulus.  Today, access to markets in India and China is restricted.  In exchange for free and fair access to Indian and Chinese markets and an investment in PIE and Real Money, the People of these nations will share in the profit windfall as markets are opened and industries rationalized.

The United States, Japan, Korea, and many European developed nations will benefit from premium paid to acquire global brands and businesses as well as the improved risk adjusted return on capital when open markets fueled by Real Money and Guerilla Capitalism drive profitable economic expansion.  In effect, developed nations will diversify by exchanging their stakes in global businesses for a slice of the PIE that will own the world's natural resources.  Since developing nations including China and India will share in the profits as global businesses expand in their domestic economies, then all nations benefit as We exploit newly opened markets worldwide.  

How will We slice the ownership of our Public Trust for We The People of Earth, PIE?  We must account for the wealth of each nation measured in ownership of businesses and natural resources as well as the potential of its Human Capital.  We should Plan to raise living standards in developing nations while maintaining prosperity in developed ones.  How much should each nation own?  We will base the share for each nation on a combination of GDP, Population, and the Wealth of that nation.  While the Wealth of each nation including its natural resources and the aggregate wealth of citizens may be calculated, the data is not readily available or usable.  GDP and Population are more readily available.  We may choose to weigh these three factors equally in order to establish the percentage share of the Public Trust owned by each nation.  

To clarify the process, suppose that We calculate these portions by ignoring the effect of the actual Wealth of each nation and use GDP and Population to assign national ownership targets.  Below We show the results using data from the world's largest economies.

Nation               Population %       GDP %        Combined %

United States                4.5%          23.4%                14.0%

China                            19.6%          7.1%                 12.4%

India                              17.3%          2.0%                   9.7%

Indonesia                      3.4%           0.8%                    2.1%

Brazil                              2.8%          2.6%                     2.7%

Russia                           2.1%           2.6%                    2.4%

Japan                             1.9%          8.1%                     5.0%

Mexico                            1.6%          1.8%                   1.7%

If it ultimately costs us $100 trillion to acquire the world natural resources and global enterprises, then based upon the percentages above the U.S. will need to contribute $14 trillion which is about equal to annual GDP, China $12.4 trillion, India $9.7 trillion, etc.  These numbers will change when We calculate the natural resources and other forms of owned wealth by each nation. 

The ultimate goal is to build a Reserve Bank as independent institution.  We may launch a new private enterprise to manage the Real Money Reserve Bank.  The problem with the traditional private enterprise is that the ownership is held by a few people, not all of the people, We The People of Earth.  However, a few Angel investors may catalyze this new business formation that will ultimately be endowed to We The People.  In this case We may issue preferred stock paying dividends in cash or equity to the Angel investors and retain the common equity for the People.  The common equity will eventually be acquired by sovereign nations for the benefit of their citizens.  The rate of return will be based upon how early the Angel investment is made.  Ideally, our Angel investors may be either private charitable foundations or sovereign nations to insure that even our earliest profits accrue to the People.

Described below is a preliminary proposal on how to time our Reserve Bank's investments in Real Assets.  Our long term goal is to acquire all of the profitable business enterprises and natural resources on the planet.  To achieve that objective We will acquire the world's leading Basic Materials Industry enterprises as well as technology businesses.  The Real Asset Reserves of our Real Money Bank will combine precious metals and commodities with profitable technology companies that benefit from their Human Capital and market position.  When the Reserve Bank's first acquisitions are announced, We will apply for a broad anti-trust exemption to enable us to acquire the #1 and #2 businesses in each market.  If our ownership of the leading market participants reduces competition, any price increases will be more than offset by the Guerilla Equity.  

Real Money and Guerilla Capitalism will enable We The People of Earth to buy back the world's businesses and natural resources, paying their owners a premium, in order to endow the windfall profits from our new Global Capitalist Enterprise owned by all People.  While our Real Money Reserve Bank will be waging a virtual capitalist style war against Earth's fiat currencies, the sovereign nations whose currencies will be under siege will  ultimately be co-investors in our new Enterprise and Reserve Bank.  The deflationary effect of Real Money should effect most currencies equally.  One exception to that is the U.S. Dollar which will lose its premier status as a global trading and reserve currency.  That expected decline will make U.S. and Chinese assets even cheaper in Real Money terms. We The People and the leadership of sovereign nations will effectively conspire to buy ourselves a Better Future.

While private charitable foundations or individual Angel investors may catalyze the procreation of a new global monetary standard, investment by sovereign nations on behalf of their people will be required to raise the trillions of dollars in capital required to fulfill the promise of Real Money. Ultimately, We will acquire substantially all of the world's natural resources and global businesses.  In our earlier writings we described how We may offer to buy all of these resources and businesses at once for a premium to their mark-to-market values.  Alternatively, We may choose to wage war on the currencies of Earth over an extended period of time.  

We will require at least $1 Trillion in Real Assets to create a credible currency.  However, We may launch Real Money with about $100-200 Billion.  Below is a staged plan for creating Real Money.  We will assume that our ends justify our means endowing US with the right to front-run our own Plan on behalf of We The People of Earth.  We will game the money game in order to win this War to end all War and Injustice.  Here's an example of how a staged buy out may transpire.

1.  Since We know that as soon as We announce the procreation of a new monetary standard the world's fiat currencies will de-stabilze and devalue, We can financially benefit by investing in the Real Asset most likely to rise, Gold.  In anticipation of this We may make leverage bets on Gold buying derivatives and futures.

2.  We announce buy out offers for the top 3 gold mining companies, Barrick Gold, Newmont Mining, and GoldCorp.  We will request an anti-trust exemption to allow the consolidation of these businesses and to acquire any other gold miners, but that is not crucial to our Plan.  We will announce that We intend to divert some or all of the gold mined to the Gold Reserves of the Real Money Reserve Bank.  This will drive up the price of gold providing a profit windfall from our gold derivatives and futures. 

3.  We The People of Earth represented by our Real Money Reserve Bank will offer sovereign nations equity stakes in exchange for title to each nation's reserve of gold.  We offer to exchange each nation's ownership of natural resources for equity in our Public Trust and Reserve Bank. 

4.  We announce Guerilla Capitalism and plans to acquire Google, Yahoo, Facebook, or some Internet based business.  Everyone on Earth will receive a one time bonus in Guerilla Equity and share 1/3 of the profits of their purchases or actions.  Users will be encouraged to sign up for their bonus in order to begin accruing dividends in their Guerilla Equity accounts.  Users will receive Guerilla Equity for conducting a search or clicking on an ad.  

5.  We announce a Plan to acquire all of the businesses in Basic Materials and the natural resources owned by sovereign nations.  Nations will exchange their stakes in oil or other national resources in the ground for equity in our Reserve Bank.  When We acquire all of the world's oil, We will raise its price to maximize profits.  If We wanted to play this out, We may choose to stage our purchases and game the price swings from our actions and announcements.

6.  We announce Real Money and the Real Money Total Customer Satisfaction Guaranty.  If you are not satisfied with your Real Money after one to seven years, then We will return the currency that you exchanged for Real Money.  In effect We will guaranty the value of Real Money.  It would not cost us much to just store all of this currency in a vault, but We may actually make lots of money on this currency float and by trading derivatives that short the fiat currencies under siege by Real Money.

7.  Once the world's fiat currencies significantly deflate relative to Real Money, PIE announces plans to acquire the market leaders of every Industry.  We will offer to acquire the top two competitors for each market or Industry while promising to operate these businesses independently.  The deflation of fiat currencies relative to Real Money will increase our buying power without really costing our sellers anything.  If Real Money doubles in value relative to fiat currencies, then our costs to acquire businesses will be cut in half, and Real Money will be stronger.  That does not mean that those who sell Real Assets to our Public Trust earn any less if all currencies fall equally relative to Real Money.  

8.  We offer to acquire the world's remaining business enterprises at a premium to their mark-to-market value at that time.  We will seek a broad anti-trust exemption regulatory authorities to allow us to restructure and recapitalize our constituent businesses to maximize profitability.  Many markets and Industries will be restructured into oligopolies to maximize profits.

9.  With Real Money that has grown in value relative to Earth's fiat currencies, our Reserve Bank will acquire the sovereign debt of each nation up to 100% of that nation's GDP.  The Reserve Bank will issue its own debt to raise the funds to buy back this debt or We will simply print the Real Money needed to acquire the debt.   Each sovereign nation will receive a share of Real Money equal to their investment in the Public Trust to be used to cash out that nation's fiat currency.  This debt retirement and the incremental income generated from each nation's stake in our Public Trust will enable government to reduce or eliminate taxes.

10.  The tsunami of supply side stimulus from procreating Real Money and implementing Guerilla Capitalism will fuel a sustainable Trickle Down and Trickle Up positive income loop.  For the today's owners of existing capital, their investments will be exchanged for risk free preferred equity or bonds paying much higher, 4-5% greater returns than the closest risk adjusted equivalents.  The only way for the wealthier among Us, and that means most of those living in the developed world, to capitalize on the windfall profits from our expanding global enterprises will be to consume products and services and earn 1/3 of the profits in Guerilla Equity.   The poor will build their individual nest eggs with Guerilla Equity from their consumption as well as from their Internet based profit producing actions.  Consumption and individual contributions of Human Capital will be rewarded with dividend producing Guerilla Equity which will build an aggregate income pyramid.

Will the future of We The People of Earth be decided by the fate of Money?  Today We The People unwittingly play a less than zero sum game on the battlefields of global commerce.  If Real Money and Guerilla Capitalism can catapult the fortunes of humanity invested in a common Public Trust, then We may ask how this miraculous bounty fits into cosmology.  Is this a natural step in the Darwinian evolution of human civilization or is I.T. a gift endowed, in the beginning, by a higher power and creator of this Game of Lives played by humanity for thousands of years?  Must We The People divided face Armageddon before We realize that our individual and national interests are best served by merging our economic interests.  If this game is Intelligently Designed, then how will its Creator measure the performance of humanity?

"Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come."


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A plan or scheme for doing something, or an intention

In the most narrow sense, an idea is just whatever is before the mind when one thinks. Very often, ideas are construed as representational images; i.e. images of some object. In other contexts, ideas are taken to be concepts, although abstract concepts do not necessarily appear as images.[1] Many philosophers consider ideas to be a fundamental ontological category of being.

The capacity to create and understand the meaning of ideas is considered to be an essential and defining feature of human beings.

How will We know when an idea's "time has come?"  The creation of the idea is worthless without an audience to understand its meaning.  "If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?"  "To be is to be perceived".  Does an idea exist if it is not perceived?  If an idea exists, but no other humans understand the meaning, then that idea is not perceived.  Imagine that an idea is represented as single tree burning in a vast forest.  This idea tree may burn itself out alone or it may spark a conflagration that burns all the trees in the forest.  This process begins with a single spark lighting the fire of that idea in the mind of a single tree.

If the words above represent our burning idea tree, then we perceive no evidence that any sparks have fallen on the forest after five years.  If an idea is not yet perceived by humanity, it will have no effect upon our reality, but that idea may represent Truth.  A truth not yet discovered is still a truth.  If an idea can endow humanity with a Fountain of Wealth, then mankind, individually and collectively, is responsible for discovering I.T.  Will the spark of Real Money and Guerilla Capitalism fire up just one more Beautiful Mind?  What will transpire before all the minds of We The People of Earth learn how to be Beautiful?

Is any idea more powerful or more timely than this Plan to procreate a new global monetary standard based upon Real Money?  Will the burning embers of the world's fiat currencies fuel the ascendance of Real Money like the Phoenix rising from the ashes? 

"Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come."  

One World...

One People.....

One Real Money.......

"We The People of Earth, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure global tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of prosperity to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish Real Money and Guerilla Capitalism."

Ignore I.T.?

You choose.

Spread the Word...

You choose.

Will We The People of Earth will create our Best Available Future by procreating a new world order based upon Real Money and Guerilla Capitalism?

We choose.

For more background on the concepts of Real Money and Guerilla Capitalism, please click on these links.



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