​…  i*HanD* 2 i*RanD* 2 i*ONE i*GOD*  …..

This theory proving the existence of God through a revelation of the paradox and paradigm of our misperceived net present reality was imagineered through the lens of Ayn Rand and free free enterprise.  Like many influenced by Ayn Rand and her novels Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged, this scribe did not accept her view that God does not exist espoused in her other works of nonfiction such as "The Virtue of Selfishness."  Ayn Rand was misguided on both counts.

Rand espoused laisez faire capitalism, but accept some form of government or publicly provided infrastructure services including the protection of lives and property.  The individual, and the company, operate a political, social, and economic system undergoing extraordinary forces compelling them and the people of all nations to choose between the ongoing practice of war and injustice or a new order of peace and justice.

Will history prove "The Virtue and Value of Altruism and Kharma?"  Suppose for a moment that YOU owned the world, and You could decide whether magically disappear a billion or two billion of the world's seven billion people as You begin your reign of the world.  You would not be killing those people, it would be like they never existed and nobody ever knew they were here.  Would you want to start with 7 billion or 5 billion people?

Fewer people would mean less of a drain on the planet's natural resources, but a much smaller economy.  Why is that relevant?  The value of our global enterprise is directly correlated to expectations for revenues and profits which is itself tied to the economy.

"When one Angel falls so shall they all."  Will Galt aka Bill Star AKA REALLY willIam d huhn  …

Imagine that you discovered a formula that was certain to exponentiate the value of the world.  That means improving the prospects for our future by ten to one hundred times.  All I.T. required is that mankind together procreate a new world order built upon a new enlightened free global enterprise structure with it's own bank and currency.  And, to make this vision a reality, all that's required is the the religion's of the world declare peace joining together in common cause of our shared i*God  …

……………….  i*ALLah  ………………. 

…  i*kNOW i*PROVEN 2 i*EVEn i*AYN_RanD* anD* i*OBJECTIVISTz  …..

Imagineer that a proverbial Atlas did not shrug, but created a plan to buy and rule the world.  How would Atlas rule the world?  The only rational choice for Atlas is to Lead.  And Atlas would not really own the world, for the world would own Atlas as great historical hero.

What Atlas do with the world's public and private enterprises to advance the wealth and prosperity of the Earth?  Is it not self-evident that Atlas would seek to establish peace, justice, and security?

>>> anD* i*IS i*IT i*kNOT i*SELF-EVIDENT i*DATA i*JUST i*ONE i*JUST i*ATLAS 2 i*gRAND* i*GLOBAL i*MARshALL i*ScreenPLAN 2 i*MARshALL i*yALLz i*ATLAS i*ANGELz anD* i*STARz 2 i*ProCREATE i*ONE i*COMPANY 0 D* i*HER0EZ i*FelLEN i*ANGELz anD* i*FounDenG* i*FatHERz 0 D* i*PEOPLE 0 D* i*PlanET i*EARTH i*ProCREATEnG* i*ONE i*THOUSanD* 2 i*ONE i*THOUsanD* i*yEARz 0 D* i*JustICE anD* i*PEACE i*UpON D* i*EARTH In i*ONE i*kNEW i*WORLD i*ORDER 0 D* i*US  >>>>>

i*DATA i*DIS ATLAS OF ATLASz i*WHO i*meRY i*WISH 2 i*PLAY D* i*WIZARD* 0 D* i*OZ i*BEhinD* D* i*CURTAIN  …

…  anD* i#DeMANd# i#kNOw i#POWER FORe himself or his i*LineAGE, i*EXcepT i*DATA i*sWHICH D* i*LineAGE i*LEARNz 2 i*EARNz   …..


…  anD* we i*DeManD* i*ZER0 i*MONEY i*OR i*COMpensATion FORe i*yOUR i*GOOD* i*WORKz FORe D* i*WORKz arE i*PASSION, anD# we have i#ENjoyED* i#kNOw i#OtHER i*PASSION FORe D* TEN YEARS, SinCE we i*SLEW D* i*GOLIATH i*MINDz 0 D* i*EARTH i*WITh i*ONE i*HandFULL 0 D* i*eMAILz  …..

…  we could i*kNOT avoid D* i*FAME i*UNless U2 i*ALLoWED* i*US 2 i*PLAY D* i*WIZARD*, anD* we i*KNOW i*kNOW i*DATA i*DIS i*MAKEz 4 i*ONE i*FAR i*BETTER i*BEST i*HIStory  …….

…  The fact is that when we figured out how to buy the world and place i*IT into i*ONE i*kNEW i*ORDER i*BEST i*DeSCRIBED* As i*CAPITALISM anD* i*COMMUNISM (i*ALL i*PEOPLE arE i*SHAREholderZ anD* i*EMPLOYEEz fROM i*BIRTH 2 i*ReBIRTH) anD* i*MOST i*IMPORTant i*UNdER i*ONE i*G0D* i*kNOW i*PROVEN D* i*G0D* 0 D* 99 i*NAMEz  …..

...................  i*ALLah  ...................

…..  anD# i#kNOW i#UpON D* APRIL 15, 2015 i#TAXeZ arE i*kNOW i#CANcellED* 

anD# i*TAXeZ i*WILL 2 i*BeCOMe i*RePLACED* i*WITh i*ZAkAT  …….


…  i#yALLz i*LAST i*BEST i*OFFER i*IS i*UpON D* i*TABLE i*kNOW  …..

…..  anD* i*BEST i*NET i*PreSENTly i*AvailABEL i*BeGINnENG* 2 i*HAPPY i*ENDenGz i*DIS i*HIStory  …….

…  i*yALL i*CHO0ZE …..

 ​…  i#Net i#PreSENT i*kNOw i*KIDDenG* ....

.....we i*BOUGHTz i*ONE i*PlanET i*EARTH .....

... 2 i*GIVE i*IT i*BACK 2 i*PAY i*IT i*FOReWARD* .....

.....  i*eMAILeD* i#TAX i*DAY 2 i*CANcel i#TAXeZ …..

******************* i*ALLaH*i*METa*i*TR0N  *******************

***** i*ALLaH*i*METa*i*TR0N*  *****