ECON 999  -  An Introduction to Guerilla Capitalism

Course prerequisites:  A Beautiful Mind


A.  Gaming Our Opportunity Lost

B.  Five Pillars of Guerilla Capitalism

     I.  Real Money

     II.  Restructuring and recapitalization

     III.  Global Technology Roadmap

     IV.  Guerilla Capitalism and Trickle Up Economics

     V.  Procreating Our Best Future

C.  Paths to Procreating a New World Order Built on Guerilla Capitalism - Resistance is futile...

What lies beyond Reaganomics?  What if Keynesian Economics married Milton Friedman's Monetarism?  What if Ronald Reagan had conspired with Chairman Mao to "let 9 billion flowers bloom?"  What if Art Laffer theories were just one flipped switch shining a light on supply side nirvana?  Why must supply side economics be constrained to Trickle Down, why not Trickle Up?  What if the natural rate of global unemployment is far higher than the economic consensus?  Was the 2008-2009 Credit Crisis merely the harbinger of more cataclysmic financial meltdown from failing mortgages that will break the banks and threaten the solvency of the American?  If President Obama learned about Guerilla Capitalism, would he lead the world to embrace I.T.?  Will the Five Pillars of Guerilla Capitalism be someday known as Obamanomics?

About five years ago we conceived of Guerilla Capitalism including a business model for procreating Real Money.  In emails sent to news channels, business, religious, and political leaders since 2005, we proposed to buy the world with this innovation and promised to deliver 999 years of justice and peace on Earth.  How many responses or inquiries do you think we received regarding this grandiose claim?  Excluding "Unsubscribe" requests that number is less than 1.

Will you tell your children how Grinches stole a $99 trillion gift from Santa Claus that keeps on giving?  Will We continue to fill the stockings of Earth's children with coal paid for with a mortgage on their future?  Will Guerilla Capitalism unleash human capital and profits endowing a thousand generations with a prosperous future?  Is this a Grandiose Fantasy of a Beautiful Mind to be IGNORED or One Divine Calculation illuminating the Space/Time Continuum of Human Capital and Real Money?  You Choose...

Is the United States of America "too big to fail?"  What happens then with the former communist nations including China and Russia that have imbibed the "Koolaid" of Capitalism?  Will Capitalism fail?  If We owned the world, could We fix IT?  We will not try to convince you of the imminent failure of Capitalism and the prospects with an apocalyptic global financial meltdown.  We will theorize on how We may avoid an economic apocalypse by procreating our Best Future together.

What if We could unlock the Human Capital of the unemployed and under-employeed by advancing the state of the art of Capitalism?  What if We The People merged our diverse economic interests in a leveraged buyout of the world's enterprises and resources?  If We The People of all nations own our world together, could We build ourselves a bright new utopian future?  We will the principles an evolved form of Capitalism called "Guerilla Capitalism."  Guerilla Capitalism, and its byproduct, Trickle Up Economics, promises to jump start our future with a economic Next Big Bang that will deliver us to "the land of milk and honey" where We will find "the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow."  Guerilla Capitalism will procreate enough incremental wealth to endow a thousand generations with sustainable prosperity. 

If you believe that humanity cannot build a utopia without divine intervention, then please read Section A.  If you accept that mankind can procreate our own bright and prosperous future, then skip down to Section B where you will learn the concepts of Guerilla Capitalism.  Section A below is an indictment and rebuke of many people for failing to respond to or consider the innovation of Guerilla Capitalism.  Did five years of inaction resulted in trillions of dollars in lost opportunity profits?  You Choose...

On a Guerilla Capitalist Earth, We will pay You to Choose.....

A.  Gaming Our Opportunity Lost

Who is responsible for maximizing the long-term economic performance of Earth?  Our global economy is comprised of individuals, corporations, and political leaders of nations pursuing their respective economic interests.  Such competition is a fundamental principle of Capitalism as is the notion of "creative destruction."  What if, constrained by the boxes of accepted reality, we failed to discover that the interests of most individuals and all corporations and nations were maximized by a pooling of interests in global resources and enterprise for the benefit of all nations and their people?  What if the Internet opened the door to a Confluence of Convergence that changed the balance of power from government and business enterprise and We The People of Earth?  What happens when We The People figure out how to hold their own free and fair elections?  What happens when We The People learn how to procreate Real Money?

Opportunity cost is the value of the next-best choice available to someone who has picked between several mutually exclusive choices.[1] It is a key concept in economics. It is a calculating factor used in mixed markets which favour social change in favour of purely individualistic economics. It has been described as expressing "the basic relationship between scarcity and choice."[2] The notion of opportunity cost plays a crucial part in ensuring that scarce resources are used efficiently.[3] Thus, opportunity costs are not restricted to monetary or financial costs: the real cost of output forgone, lost time, swag, pleasure or any other benefit that provides utility should also be considered opportunity costs.  From Wiki

By our collective actions and choices, the individuals, corporations, and political institutions choose the future.  Those actions driven by selfish interests shape our global economic structure and performance.  Are We The People of Earth collectively making the Best Choices to procreate our own Best Future?  Are We even choosing the next-best choice available to us?  What is the Real Value of our fully discounted future and how does that compare with own Best Future?  The difference between these two futures is the Opportunity Cost.  Since a future includes infinite time, the Real Value is incalculable as any Opportunity Costs measured during a period of time such as a year are magnified by the multiplier effect of capitalizing on Real Money.  

With that in mind consider our current haphazardly Chosen Future as IT compares to our Best Future over 19 to 99 years.  Today very few enterprises plan this far ahead and there's a lesson in that.  Let's say the value of Earth today is $1,000 Trillion which is simply an educated guess because We have no Global Accounting System and if We did I.T. would not be based on Real Money.  For the purposes of this example, let's say that on our current course in five years our Collective Global Enterprise will fall to $666 Trillion or rise to $1,333 in Real Value.  Now consider that the Best Future that We may choose will grow $1,000 Trillion to $19,000 to $99,000 Trillion, or if that's to grandiose for your mind to wrap itself around, perhaps or Best Future grows the value of our global enterprise to merely between $1,666 and $1,999 Trillion.  Between the course humanity has haphazardly chosen and our own Best Future together is potentially a $333-$1,000 Trillion.  The difference in outcomes represents our Global Opportunity Cost for failing to discover and choose this Better Alternate Future.  

We do not claim that the principles of Guerilla Capitalism and Trickle Up Economics alone, as outlined in this Manifesto, will achieve such an order of magnitude improvement in our global quest to grow Real Money.  We do claim that these ideas may guide the procreation of a new world capitalist order that may destroy Capitalism as We know IT to Save I.T.  We do theorize that the world's Best and Brightest Beautiful Minds, working across all of the lines and out of all of their respective boxes, together connected in common cause, will unleash unimaginable wealth and Real Money.  For the purposes of this discussion, let's say five years of inaction resulted in an opportunity cost of just $99 Trillion which happens to be about double the market value of every publicly traded enterprise on Earth.

If we emailed you information about a new disruptive enterprise business model that will destroy or save Capitalism as you know IT,  do you have any obligation to consider or act upon it?   Do reporters bear any responsibility to investigate a claim of a new form economic WMD, a Weapon of Mass D..., where the "D" represents the disintermediation of every business enterprise on Earth?  Do business, political, business, and religious leaders as well as government agencies including the the U.S. Federal Reserve, DOJ, FBI, SEC, and CIA bear any responsibility for uncovering a threat to Capitalism far greater than a nuclear capable al-Queda when IT shows up in their email inboxes?  

If an innovation called Guerilla Capitalism and Trickle Up Economics promised to revolutionize the practice of contemporary capitalism and unlock $99-999 trillion of unrealized value, is anyone responsible for considering IT?  Guerilla Capitalism will destroy the world's broken Capitalist business model fraught with systemic risks and facing a secular rise in global unemployment.  In I.T.'s place We will build an enlightened business model deploying Trickle Up Economics procreating a fountain of sustainable economic prosperity.  Is the grandiosity of this claim an excuse for five years of IGNORANCE and DEAF EARS?  What will IT take to disintermediate you from your broken minds and business models?

Will humanity face an apocalyptic end, will IT continue on it's current course, or will discover the keys to our best future?  Will a pot of gold at the end of our rainbow finance a bright future for a thousand years?  Is their a Truth or guiding Light that mankind has yet to discover that will enable us to build our own rainbow shining its spectrum upon our pot of gold?  Will We uncover the economic equivalent of Einstein's "E=MC2" enabling us to crack the Space/Time Continuum of Human Capital and Real Money?

On the Ides of March 2005, we invented what we now call "Guerilla Capitalism" and "Trickle Up Economics."  Three Wise Kids showed up at our house and were warned to "beware the Ides of March and Remember the 'D' Word!"  We spread the word by email of our potential discovery to business, newspeople, political, and religious leaders all over the world.  At first we were intentionally vague, offering to buy out every business enterprise for a 50% premium for the consideration of 999 years of justice and peace on Earth.  Over the years we outlined more and more of the Plan, with not a single response, or even an inquiry for more detail on how we might achieve our grandiose claims.  

By our calculations the opportunity costs for failing to act five years ago already exceed $99 trillion.  What could our world do with another $99 trillion in our collective pocket now?  At just 5% interest this nest egg would earn us about $5 trillion a year or We could use our pot of gold to pay off our collective mortgage.  Another five to ten years of IGNORANCE and INACTION may raise this opportunity cost to $999 trillion.  

We formerly rebuke you, the recipient of this and previous emails, and every leader on the planet Earth for gross negligence and malpractice for failing to act on the information for last five years.  You Grinches with Deaf Ears should owe the world for your negligence.  Fortunately, when you learn to calculate higher lower order math and the Space/Time Continuum of Real Money that $99 trillion is merely the price of our higher education at the Singularity Multiversity and the cost of IGNORANCE and DEAF EARS.

That $99 trillion pot of gold bonanza remains available to humanity if one to many recipients of this email spread these words and our leaders collectively respond.  Guerilla Capitalism and Trickle Up Economics promise to tap enormous pools of underutilized Human Capital.  The Plan below is an outline, a straw man proposal to be enhanced with the best thoughts of the best and brightest minds on the planet.  The principle that all of Earth's brightest minds connected and enabled with technology, with their financial interests aligned, will achieve an order of magnitude or greater in productivity enhancements and cycle times for technology development and deployment is fundamental to Guerilla Capitalism.   

What are the consequences of a ten times improvement in global productivity?  Massive unemployment.   The loss of jobs and income at catastrophic level.  The secular decline in traditional employment has already resulted in a doubling of U.S. unemployment in five years to over 10%.  The Plan we propose will not counter rising unemployment, I.T. will embrace and accelerate this trend using the profits to boost income from capital that will offset the decline in traditional labor income.  Guerilla Capitalism will enable the creation of new Virtual Employment opportunities.

About two thousand years ago Jesus Christ claimed that "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Light."  Christians claim that this means if a person believes in Jesus Christ as the Messiah and Savior, then he or she will be "saved" and go to heaven.  With no intention of discounting this interpretation, perhaps an alternate interpretation may apply.  What if Christ's teachings and life story held the secrets to procreating a heaven on Earth?  What if Christ's sacrifice was a metaphor for the path to humanity's economic salvation?

Would you trade your life to save humanity from here to eternity?  This may be to great of a sacrifice for you to consider, but think of how many humans have given their lives in wars.  If you would not give up your life to save the planet, would you give up all of your money?  In an interesting twist of kharma, the reaping of the seeds this action might sew, you would become the richest person on Earth without possessions.  Is this the secret to a rich man flying his camel through the needle's eye?  What if by merging the economic interests of all people and transforming every human on Earth into a Guerilla Capitalist, We The People of Earth could unlock enormous value using the technologies, information, and resources available to us right now?

The secret to be revealed is "the Way" to "the Truth" to activate "the Light."  Will humanity enter an new era beyond the Industrial Revolution, an Age of Light?  While we used the quote above from Jesus Christ's teachings, this story weaves through all of the world's great religions.  Jesus became known as the "Prince of Peace," but Jews never accepted Jesus Christ as their Messiah.

"And he shall judge among the nations, and shall rebuke many people: and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruninghooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more."  This quote from the Old Testament of King James Bible, Isaiah 2:4, describes the Messiah as one who will bring the world to peace.  Jesus Christ did not meet that standard, yet.  However, what if the teachings of Jesus, "the Truth," has not yet been divined, and "the Light," is the enlightenment and energizing of the future world order built upon the Golden Rule?

The Great Prophet Mohammed, founder of Islam, taught us the Jesus was the Messiah, but warned that "God has no partners."  This statement contradicts the doctrine of the Trinity that emerged in 325 CE with the Council of Nicaea and the pagan Emperor Constantine who became a Christian at his death bed.  Constantine wanted the God of his armies to be more powerful so political pressure may have influenced the Council to embrace the doctrine that God and Jesus Christ were "One."  Did that break the one of the original Commandments that "you shall have no other God's before me?" Is it instructive that raising the rank of the "Prince of Peace" to wage Constantine's wars sewed the seeds for over a thousand years of war and conflict between Christians and Muslims?  How long will we continue to reap a blood soaked harvest of humanity through the practice of war in all its forms?

What can we learn from the wars of the last 100 years?  Economics conspired with politics to spawn World War I and World War II with the latter being a war between tyranny and democracy.  The aftermath of WWII was the "Cold War" including the Korean War, Vietnam, and the Soviet Union's occupation of Afghanistan.  These wars were proxies in the political struggle between the ideals and practices of Capitalism and Communism.  This Cold War ended when the Soviet Union broke up and Russia and China adopted policies to foster Capitalism and free trade.  As humanity crossed the cusp of our next millennium, Islamic terrorists and their havens became the targets of a Global War on Terror.  Terrorists with access to Weapons of Mass Destruction and the will to deploy them represent the greatest threat to our global economy except for the systemic risks in today's global capitalist structure.

The practice of Capitalism blossomed in the last 100 years coinciding with the most inventive and innovative period in human history.  Capitalism is a form of war.  Unfortunately, and fortunately, the business model of contemporary Capitalism leads to widespread economic injustice with an underlying systemic risk of the collapse of our patchwork global monetary system.  If our practice of Capitalism is to survive in democratic political states, then the system must be satisfactory to a majority or it will be voted out.  If secular trends led the United States into the +20% levels of unemployment such as those experienced during the Great Depression, then the U.S. would raise taxes to extend its social safety net or risk a tectonic shift towards Socialism or Tyranny.  Extending the social safety net will ultimately cost taxpayers while spiraling joblessness will shift that burden to the owners of capital.  This is the financial death spiral exposed in the financial market crash in the Fall of 2008.  Capitalism will not require a revolution to overturn it, it will simply be voted or taxed out of existence.

The rejection of Capitalism will be disastrous for the course of humanity.  "The Truth" is that We The People of Earth possess the technology and power to build a fountain of prosperity and wealth based on Guerilla Capitalism.  Today's practice of Capitalism faces the bankruptcy of its business model.  A new concept and the application of available technology to the business model of Capitalism will unlock value of Biblical proportions.  Imagine that We The People could accelerate our wealth creation by ten times.  What if We had a plan to make our $1,000 Trillion world a $19,000 Trillion world in a single generation?  This will procreate enough incremental value to feed all humanity fish and wine from here to eternity and probably more than enough to pay all our rents.  If We The People executed a plan to raise such wealth, would that qualify as a modern miracle?  

Such grandiose claims of potential profits may be difficult to embrace in a world uncertain of its own true value and future.  Value and future go hand in hand.  Without a future, there is no value.  If Terrorists blew up just one nuclear weapon in New York City, our global economic system would collapse.  The inherent systemic risks in our global economy and monetary system were exposed in the 2008-2009 Global Market meltdown.  

War and Terrorism raises the global cost of doing business and heightens the risk of economic meltdown.  When Osama bin Laden's suicide bombers crashed into the World Trade Center, our global operating costs rose by trillions of dollars.  The burden of these costs weighs mostly on wealthy nations, and by proxy, on our global cost of capital.  As obnoxious it must sound, if abandoning War in all its forms was the lesson humanity must learn to advance to humanity to His Age of Light, then perhaps inadvertently bin Laden was, parroting in the words of Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein, "doing God's work."  In Islam, the Commandment against Killing states "....anyone who murders any person who had not committed murder or horrendous crimes, it shall be as if he murdered all the people."  Can you imagine any greater sin than the destruction of humanity?  What about Goldman Sachs failure to act upon information that might end war and terror to save lives?  Does anyone have an obligation to evaluate and act upon a Plan to unlock enough trillions of dollars to buy humanity 999 years of justice and peace on Earth?

If We could discover "the Way" unlocking such unGodly value on Earth, wouldn't that strongly suggest that this game of lives that We play is intelligently and divinely designed?  Did God set up humanity, trapping Us a choice between War and Peace.  

To shed some light of the Way towards the Truth, imagine, suspending your disbelief HolyWood style, that Brahma, Moses, Buddha, Confucius, Jesus Christ, and the Prophet Mohammed showed up on Earth with authenticated credentials.  Traditional doctrine suggests that the Second Coming will establish the reign of God on Earth.  If this resulted in the immediate parsing of folks to heaven and hell, then it may not be instructive to the human condition on Earth today.  Alternatively, what if Jesus and his Cohorts were limited in their powers, and all they had to influence man's thoughts and actions were words, no more power than they wielded when they walked the Earth.  Like any ordinary person today they might post these words on the Internet disseminating their ideas to the world in real time.

Theoretically these authenticated religious luminaries would have legal powers of Biblical proportions.  Islamic nations throughout the world should bow to the authority of our One God, Allah.  Jesus and Company could foreclose on the currency of the United States reminding US of the promise emblazoned on our bills, "In God We Trust."  This course of events is not as instructive as one that relied solely upon reason and the power of ideas.  For if such ideas existed, then mankind could conceivably achieve comparable economic results without divine intervention.  Is the ultimate lesson as God gave humanity, for us to learn how to save ourselves?  Maybe Jesus and his Cohorts aren't even supposed to show up until after We have figured out how to win His Game and advance to humanity's next level, the Age of Light.

Many readers may not be able to accept the existence of God or His Great Prophets.  Drawing upon contemporary history, perhaps such readers may relate to First Contact of the Vulcans in Star Trek.  When one man builds a spaceship capable of light speed travel, a Vulcan spaceship travels to Earth to meet him in a process called "First Contact."  Imagine that Vulcans arrived on our Earth and shared with us the secret to building a fountain of economic prosperity allowing humanity to advance to the Age of Light.  In Star Trek First Contact only occurred after a man invented light speed travel.  If the Vulcans followed their operating model, then they would not show up until after mankind discovered how to construct the fountain of economic growth and prosperity enabling our advancement to the Age of Light.  Why wait for the Vulcans or the Second Coming?  Why not take the initiative together to procreate our own economic miracle if building this new world order may be the gate humanity must open to herald their Arrival?  

If these Vulcans or historical religious luminaries could use the power of words to influence humanity, what could they possible say to us?  What ideas and plans might be so compelling as to change the course of human history?  How could humanity possibly procreate enough wealth to feed, house, and entertain 1,000 generations?  Will We The People of Earth learn the Five Pillar of Guerilla Capitalism?

B.  Five Pillars of Guerrilla Capitalism

I.  Real Money

What if the secret to unleashing a wave of supply side nirvana and the power of Trickle Up Economic was the invention of a technique and business model to procreate a new currency, Real Money?  Most sovereign nations of Earth use fiat currencies while some share a common currency such as the Euro.  While a few currency issuing nations led by China maintain surpluses, most nations of Earth run budget deficits.  As nations increase deficit spending, the systemic risk of a financial meltdown in our global economy increases.  

Think of these national deficits as Black Holes and those few nations with surpluses as Stars.  Imagine theses masses forming a directly connected cluster.  In the center is a large expanding Black Hole, the United States, is connected with a smaller growing Star, China.  Surrounding the U.S. debt and Chinese surpluses are the world's remaining Black Holes and some small Stars.  In aggregate the mass of Black Hole debt overwhelms the light the few Stars.  Fiscal stimulus by nations such as the unprecedented events since the fall of 2008 disguise our real time economic reality by emanating a light of stimulus that is borrowed from future growing the mass of our global Black Hole of debt.

When a business enterprise is insolvent, it declares bankruptcy and restructures?  What happens when the aggregate enterprise of Earth become insolvent?  People will not be able to accept such a reality without a cure for the expected financial meltdown.  If We allowed ourselves to think out of boxes of fiat currencies and the selfish interest of nations, could We restructure the debt of all nations into the debt of a private Global Enterprise co-owned by all nations.  Will this lower our cost of capital?  Can We convert our Black Hole of debt into profits to light One Global Economic Star?

What is Human Capital and how do We measure IT?  This term does not refer to the currency or assets owned by an individual.  If it did then We will likely find the vast majority of the wealthiest among us carry the burden of debt Black Holes.  A global financial meltdown would bankrupt the dreams of majority of people in developed nations while having a marginal, but individually lethal, effect on the 80% of people living on less than $10 a day.  

What is the value of a Person? 1/4 to 1/3 of the world's population is either underemployed or unemployed.  That ratio may rise to 1/2 in the coming years.  What is the value to our Global Enterprise of a person who is not employed?  If the unemployment is secular and long term, then one may argue that this person is a Loss, that there existence is merely a Cost.  If it were not morally repugnant, euthanasia may be the most cost effective treatment for excess humanity.  We believe however that every human has an economic value to our Global Enterprise for each person is a potential consumer and their spending in aggregate drives our global economy.  What is that value?  Can We pay our excess people $10 a day and generate enough profits to break even or better?  In order to answer that question, We will need to assess the social economic costs of underemployment including the costs for incarcerating those individuals driven to crime.

For the underemployed We should ask whether a Better Choice existed for organizing our Human Capital.  Can We construct Real Value Added projects that could transform human labor into a Real Profitable Asset? 

What about the contributions of the Ordinary, Extraordinary, and Beautiful Minds?  IT is this X Factor that tips the scales in the valuation of Human Capital.  Imagine if Thomas Edison or Albert Einstein had been killed before making their scientific contributions.  Or simply consider that they might have been born in dire poverty.  What if it took another 25 years for other humans to match their contributions?   If the development of electric power were delayed by 25 years, then today We might be introducing Cell Phones and Personal Computers and the Internet as We know I.T. would be over a decade away.  What is the value of that in the Space/Time Continuum of Real Money?  What is the value of our Most Beautiful Minds?

Consider the potential value of Real Money and the deployment of Guerilla Capitalism.  If We can accelerate our cycle time to develop and implement new products and services, We will increase the long-term profits of our Global Enterprise and greatly improve the Happiness of People.  The expected Next Big Bang will propel economic growth and drive an explosion of global economic expansion.  The profits from this will support the Real Value of our Real Money.  Our most important lever in extracting profits from our Global Enterprise is the awesome power of connecting and empowering all of our minds.  

The Real Value of the inventions of just one Beautiful Mind may be worth more than every mind on Earth.  The value of just one Beautiful Mind may be greater than the cost of feeding a generation of humanity.  Or maybe just two Beautiful Minds will procreate an innovation that feed humanity for a thousand generations.  Real Money will enable Human Capital to maximize the Real Value of our Global Enterprise.   When will We learn to connect and harvest the power of a world of Beautiful Minds operating in concert together to procreate humanity's Best Available Future?

These are the steps to procreating Real Money.

1.  People's Investment Enterprise

The world's nations representing the interests of their people will establish a new private business enterprise to be co-owned by We the People.  For now we will call this company the People's Investment Enterprise(PIE).  This new enterprise will appoint a Board of ten bulls of business and seven political heads from among Earth's luminaries.  This balance emphasizes business considerations over political ones to insure that We operate as a profitable global enterprise.

2.  Global Reserve Bank and Virtual Currency

Establish a Global Reserve Bank and Virtual Currency led by an independent board of directors that report to the People's Investment Enterprise.  This Virtual Currency may or may not be printed in physical form.  Our future Virtual Currency transactions will be made between the computerized accounts of individuals or enterprises.  Advanced cell phones, smart cards, and other technologies will enable us to move to cashless Virtual Currency.  

3.  Blitzkrieg Buy Out of Earth's Resources and Business Enterprises

Issue the currency required to acquire all of the world's publicly traded and private enterprise equity and debt at a premium to its mark-to-market value.  Since March 2009 the cost for acquiring Earth's publicly traded at a 50% premium to the underlying mark-to-market value has ranged between under $50 trillion to $75 trillion.  Add in publicly traded debt, private enterprises, as well as resources and business enterprises owned by states and the total should be somewhere between $100 and $200 trillion.  These assets will implicitly back our Virtual Currency.  Perhaps if it was printed, then our bills might be emblazoned with the promise "In God We Trust," or alternatively, "In Vulcans We Trust."

4.  Exchange the Currency of Participating Nations

Participating nations will phase out and exchange their respective paper currencies in five to seven years.  In a kharmic windfall criminals or tax cheaters will be discovered as Real Money is electronically traceable.  We expect currency issuing nations will not exchange all of the old currency into new Virtual Currency because collectors realizing the historical significance of the Age of Light, and the demise of paper currency, will accumulate currencies from all nations and in all denominations.  

5.  Enlightened Banking

Enlightened banking will enable supply side economic monetary expansion while mitigating the risks of inflation and deflation.  Today U.S. banks may borrow most of the funds for a loan from the U.S. Federal Reserve.  Often Banks sold off their mortgages to private investors leaving them with no skin in the game for the loans they issued.  This process led to the recent Credit Crisis.  In the future banks, that in accordance with point 3 above are now owned by the People's Investment Enterprise, will retain a 15% equity stake and sell another 15% to our Reserve Bank.  This equity will back our currency as the inflationary effects of a rise in real estate prices is counterbalanced by the gains in value to the PIE real estate equity implicitly backing our currency.  A mortgagee who pays the typical 20% down payment would have a loan for only 50% of the property value as the remaining 30% is retained by the Bank and Global Reserve so loan payments should be 1/3 less expensive.

Comments -  According to Wiki the U.S. money supply(M2), cash plus deposits, is a little more than $8 trillion.  As an estimate of the world's total money supply, let's say it's about five times the U.S. total, or over $40 trillion.  Let's say we market time our purchase of global enterprise and pick it all up for about $100 trillion.  Theoretically, we would have $100 trillion in assets implicitly backing a money supply(M2) of over $140 billion.  As Enlightened Banking acquires mortgages retaining 30% equity in global real estate, the money supply will increase as will the real assets on the balance sheets of our global Banks and Reserve Bank.

Consider how this concept may be used to avert foreclosures in the global real estate market.  Remember that We, the People's Investment Enterprise, now own all of the banks.  At the time of our acquisition of global enterprise, we will have purchased any available mortgage backed securities.  In effect, We The People of Earth will own all of our underwater loans.  Enlightened banking will allow dramatic reductions in mortgage balances as banks exchange debt owed for equity in the real property.  This will ease the financial burden on consumer as well as stabilize and grow real estate asset values.  Our banks and Reserve Bank will be patient passive investors that can wait generations for a capital gain from real estate sales.

All of the above can be accomplished without altering the fundamental political structure of Earth.  Each participating nation is simply co-investing on behalf of their respective nations and people in a common People's Investment Enterprise and Reserve Bank.  Developing nations with limited wealth and natural resources may require the more wealthy nations and charitable foundations to help finance their initial investments.  All nations will be required to open their market to free and fair trade eliminating entry barriers and corruption to participate. The profit windfall from accelerating global trade may match the purchase price for Earth's resources and enterprises.

What will this economic stimulus add to the global economy?  The currency paid to cash out the world's debt and equity will be in search of a new home.  The equity moved from individuals to the balance sheets of banks and the Reserve Bank will lead to further monetary expansion.  This currency must either be invested in the People's Investment Enterprise, other private enterprises and new businesses, saved in our bank accounts, or consumed.  The combined stimulative effect will produce an enormous economic Next Big Bang that should power us to sustainable prosperity.

For those who worry about how the governments can afford to invest trillions of dollars of borrowed or self-procreated money, consider that this global buy out will generate a huge windfall in capital gains taxes.  That windfall can be deployed to pay down debt and fill the governments' coffers with surpluses.  The profits from PIE paid in dividends to investing nations will be used to retire national budget deficits and taxes.  The unprecedented expansion of the global money supply is balanced by the fact that this new money is supported by real assets on our global balance sheet. 

II.  Restructuring and Recapitalizing Global Enterprise

1.  Reengineering the Enterprise of Earth

Following the acquisition of global enterprises and resources by the People's Investment Enterprise, decades of mergers and acquisitions will be compressed into year.  Industries will be consolidated and rationalized.  In some cases entire industries may be decimated by the changes in our global market structure.  Millions of people may lose their jobs in this rationalization process.  By moving forward decades worth of M&A activity, trillions of dollars in  cost savings from synergies and increased productivity will be realized along with many billions, if not trillions, in windfall profits from investment banking fees.

2.  Reengineering the Capital of Earth

Consider the future of Goldman Sachs once the People's Investment Enterprise acquires it.  Goldman Sachs' business model relies upon trading and investment banking for a majority of its revenue and profit.  Trading will virtually disappear once the PIE owns all of the resources and financial assets.  Investment banking will enjoy a final climactic year follow by a wind down mergers and acquisitions.  What do we do about all of the displaced high paying jobs?  The economy needs the income from those jobs, but the cost saving from shutting down the no longer necessary trading and investment banking operations will far outweigh the lost or displaced employment income.  The market premium paid for a Goldman Sachs, could be utilized to provide early retirement for displaced employees.

Once the People's Investment Enterprise acquires all of the resources, debt, and equity, the old owners of these assets will be effectively cashed out of their investments and will demand opportunities for income on their capital.  These investors will be able to exchange their Virtual Currency for debt of equity of the PIE which should be more risk free than U.S Treasuries.  PIE bonds may offer guaranteed 5-8% returns and preferred equity might offered a profitability dependent dividend income on preferred PIE equity.  This is the ultimate diversified investment because these securities will be explicitly backed by all of the resources and business enterprises on Earth.  When risk free PIE bond's become available, outstanding sovereign debt such as U.S. Treasuries will be discounted allowing them to be bought back cheaply by their issuing nation or PIE's Reserve Bank.

3.  Reengineering Capital Allocation

The People's Investment Enterprise may no longer trade in the equity of its underlying business enterprises and We will need to restructure the capital allocation process.   Creating tracking stock for constituent businesses and brands will be needed to implement Guerilla Capitalism.  If We decided to allow the trading of these tracking stocks by consumers, then that activity belongs in the Casino Sector of the Education, Media and Entertainment Industry.  Each Industry will be led by a Board including ten business and seven political leaders with one of their members elected to represent that industry on the Board of the People's Investment Enterprise.  The ten Industries are listed below.

1- Agriculture, Food, and Consumer Products, 2- Building and Construction, 3- Transportation and Distribution, 4- Energy, Mining and Power, 5- Machinery and Industrial Products, 6- Financial Services and Real Estate, 7- Communications and Technology, 8- Healthcare and Life Science, 9- Aerospace and Defense, and 10- Education, Media and Entertainment.

4.  Total Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

All PIE Businesses will adhere to a strict Customer Satisfaction Standard based upon the Ethic of Reciprocity.  All products and services will come with a Total Guarantee of Satisfaction.  All products and services will be open source Wiki analyzed by CyberSpace Consumer Reports and Evaluations that will seek to measure the best of breed life solutions.  Consumers will be compensated in Guerilla Capital for receiving unsatisfactory products or services or for reporting on their defects.  Cyber criminals and hackers might be given Guerilla Capital for identifying and reporting on security holes and vulnerabilities in PIE info systems or our future CyberSpace.  Awards of Guerilla Capital will incentivize people to help improve the products that PIE businesses supply us.

5.  Privatization of Government

The People's Investment Enterprise will collaborate with nations and local governments to privatize government activities.  An 11th Industry Board might be added to represent Government and Charity.  Such a Board might have ten members representing the various Sectors of government business and seven political heads representing the constituents for the Seven Regions of the world.  The People's Investment Enterprise might establish a Global Defense Force initially patterned after NATO.  90% or more of the world's military personnel might be displaced by a new order of global peace.  In the interest of our own security, it makes sense to provide our displaced warriors with generous early retirement benefits.  Fortunately, if We can reduce our global military expenses by 90%, We can afford those retirement packages.

III.  Global Technology  Roadmap

1.  Reengineering Intellectual Property Ownership and Licensing to PIE Enterprises

We will consolidate intellectual property in an independent business enterprise freely licensing it to enterprises in the People's Investment Enterprise.  Excess capital will be moved into a PIE Fund that will finance Technology Investments for new or existing businesses.  

2.  Business Restructuring and Consolidation

Business restructuring will seek to maximize the aggregate profit of the PIE.  Generally, We will endeavor to select one to three winning brands and businesses in each market segment with a possibly a few potential upstarts to spur innovation.  Some diversified enterprises such as GE will split up into independent companies as the PIE structure will provide all of the benefits including access to lower cost capital.  PIE backed Venture Capital or other private capital will fund small business and new business creation addressing new or existing market opportunities.  As privately financed, non-PIE, enterprises grow into new successful and profitable businesses, they may be acquired by one of PIE's constituent brands or enterprises.

3.  Technology and Enterprise Model Roadmaps

Every Industry will develop Technology and Business Model roadmaps selecting the best of breed platforms, tools, and technologies to build upon while discarding or milking the orphan ones for cash.  For example, consider the market for PC Operating Systems dominated today by Microsoft, engaged in battle with Apple, with introduction of Google's Chrome on the horizon.  Not only do these three have different technology platforms, they have different business models.  Apple's operating model is based upon completely owned and controlled design of software, hardware, distribution, and services.  Microsoft and its partners introduced the collaborative model with the introduction of the IBM PC 25 years ago.  In this business model Microsoft sells its operating system software either to the OEM hardware manufacturer or to the consumer directly.  In recent years Microsoft began selling software as a service.  Google's prospective Chrome Operating System is especially disruptive to Microsoft's business model because it provides the benefits of open-source, collaborative business model, and will be "Free" to OEMs and consumers.  If Microsoft was allowed to reinvent their business model today, they may well choose Google's ad supported model. However, such a business model change will result in unacceptably high losses in revenues and profits.  Who believes that Microsoft's operating system software would outperform Apple's OSX or the promise of Google's Chrome?  

If We choose to abandon Microsoft's OS for future development in favor of OSX or Chrome, then We could milk the Microsoft OS as a cash cow directing the resources to other applications and services.  We may choose just OSX or Chrome as our baseline open source technology platform while differentiating our Apple and Google brands by their business and operating models.

The goal of this entire process is to improve our global cycle time to realize innovations and to deliver new valuable and/or profitable products and services to all People of Earth.  This objective will be achieved by planning business and technology development across the lines of constituent enterprises of PIE, and between local and national government institutions. 

4.  Connecting People to the CyberSpace Cloud

Smartphone's are evolving into substitutes for today's PCs enabling Internet based Cloud Computing services and applications.  Our five year goal will be to interconnect every human on the planet with a more ambitious target of one year for those in Developed Nations.  Can We build a $99 smartphone with biometric security, an enhanced display , and keyboard to replace consumer functionality?  Whether through reductions in component profit margins or the benefit of volume, such a target should be achievable for Earth, Inc. in five years or less.

Internet connectivity will be critical to accounting for Guerilla Capital.  Every person on Earth will receive an a Virtual Account based in our own secure cloud that will keep track of every transaction and the total profits their activity generated for the supplying enterprise or brand.  This Virtual Account will manage both Virtual Currency and Guerilla Equity which will be describe below.  The ability to directly deposit Virtual Currency or Guerilla Equity to every individual's Account will enable "Trickle Up Economic" stimulus to avoid dilution from middle men or corruption.

5.  Virtual Reality CyberSpace

The enhanced display technology described above will lead to the development of immersive 3D displays for use in Virtual Reality applications.  A major initiative will be to virtualize real time reality on Earth.  Imagine a platform beyond Google Earth where the images are updated in real time, captured, and stored to allow us to time travel back in virtual time.  The same data could be enhanced to build fantasies and games.  This new Cyberspace application and service will become critical for the development of Virtual Employment and Guerilla Capital.  This new Virtual Reality Cyberspace will be extended to the Moon, the solar system, and beyond.  If We launch our eyes and sensors into the heavens to explore, We can all travel in our Virtual Reality Cyberspace, building virtual castles on the Moon, Mars, and beyond, decades before We learn to safely transport our bodies through outer space.

How will We build this Virtual Reality CyberSpace?  Imagine satellite video imaging 2 to 9 orders of magnitude more powerful than commercially available GeoEye that collects virtually real time video from all over Earth.  For all we know the U.S. military already possesses this capability.  Satellite video will build and update the baseline geospatial image for a Virtual Reality CyberSpace.  Future SmartPhones and EyePhones will actively collect local real time 3D video that will augment the baseline image.  Virtual Reality glasses will enable us to overlay translucent CyberSpace images and information on real images as the user navigates Real Reality.  We will provide software to enable the baseline image and CyberSpace Operating System to be programed for gaming, media, and other applications to exponentiate our CyberSpace Domain with multi-dimensional Fantasies connecting with Reality's CyberSpace Space/Time.  

IV.  Guerilla Capitalism and Trickle Up Economics

1.  Trickle Down Economics and the Next Big Bang of Supply Side Monetary Stimulus

To this point only world's wealthy and middle class have received economic stimulus in the form of the premium paid for their real and financial assets.  Charitable foundations will also realize capital gains.  Our global buy out will have little direct effect upon the 80% of the world's population who live on less the $10 a day($3,650 a year).  Art Laffer's supply side theory of Trickle Down Economics promised that tax reductions for the rich will "trickle down" to the poor and middle class.  If that theory holds up, then the marking up and cashing out of real and financial assets held by the owners of capital assets will be Supply Side Nirvana, procreating a fountain of wealth trickling down in Biblical proportions, an economic phenomenon we call, the Next Big Bang.

Whether We pay $100 or $200 trillion to acquire Earth's real and financial assets, the expansion of the money supply from today's $40 to $50 trillion to between $130 and $250 trillion will procreate a supply side bonanza larger than if We eliminated all taxation for eternity.  We will compound this with the hundreds of trillions in monetary expansion as the Banks and Reserve Bank acquires 30% equity stakes in real estate mortgages.  Is this enough supply side stimulus to make Art Laffer laugh until he cries?  In the world's current economic order, or disorder, if any nation or nations were to expand their money supplies by such an order of magnitude, the effected nations' currencies would risk hyper inflation.  However, since our new Global Virtual Currency will be implicitly backed by essentially all of the world's resources and productive enterprises, the risk of inflation is mitigated by the real assets on the balance sheets of PIE businesses and the PIE Reserve Bank.

Where do we raise $130 to $250 trillion?  We must have faith in the principles of Guerrilla Capitalism and the Next Big Bang. Without the supply side stimulus of rapid economic expansion, our restructuring of global enterprise would accelerate a secular rise in under-employment driving down current income unless offset by generous severance or unemployment.  Canada, China, Korea, India, Japan, United States, Russia, as well as European nations and other wealthy or resource rich nations will agree to create the People's Investment Enterprise and offer to acquire all Earth's enterprises and resources at a premium.  Charitable foundations and wealthy nations will help pay for the stakes of poor nations without the resources to pay their way.  Although Europe or the U.S. along with just one BRIC nation could catalyze this process, the more quickly nations join in common cause, the faster We realize supply side nirvana.  

Participating nations will announce their intent to borrow or print their respective currencies to raise the capital to acquire all of Earth's enterprises.  Each nation will hold an election to ratify their participation in PIE's buy out and creation of a global Virtual Currency and Reserve Bank.  The uncertainty created by these moves could send the stock markets into a delirious tizzy as the bond market panic discounting the effects of national banks printing money with abandon.  When the sovereign debt of participating nations falls, then those nations, or PIE, may buy it back at distressed prices.  Ultimately, the increased supply of the sovereign currencies of participating nations will be implicitly backed by the equity value of that nation's slice of the PIE.

How do We judge among our nations to determine that share?  We will consider the wealth of each nation, its human capital, natural resources and land contributed to PIE, and its projected future with a mechanism to adjust to perceived or real changes in these dimensions.  If the U.S. share of PIE was 20%, then $26-50 billion will be needed depending upon the prices paid.  That would be a massive expansion of the nations debt, but unlike the tens of billions of current U.S. debt and entitlements, this debt will be backed by real assets and enterprises.  PIE dividends will extinguish the debt of the U.S. and participating nations, at which point profits will enable the reduction, and eventually the elimination of taxes.  When We build our Fountain of Wealth, We will achieve that promise, the Death of Taxes, in 19 to 99 years.  

Does it matter whether We pay just $130 or as much as $250 trillion to buy out the world's assets and exchange our collective currencies?  Deploying subversive applications of Guerilla Capitalism might drive our price to will below $130 trillion, but if supply side monetary theory is True, then the higher amount spent to cash out real assets will result in increase the monetary stimulus that will trickle down.  We The People can buy out the world today, or next year at whatever premium to its mark-to-market value, and the difference in prices paid will be dwarfed by the opportunity costs of the profits not earned by the reconstruction and recapitalization of Earth's global enterprise and the implementation of Guerilla Capitalism and Trickle Up Economics.

What price will We pay now for the businesses and resources of Earth?  We will offer a 33% premium to equity price, effective Dec. 8, 2009, the average price from July 5, 2005 when we announced the Game until the present, and/or negotiated market value for un-traded securities.  A lessor premium will be paid for preferred equity and bonds.  You home gamers can think for yourself, or call James Cramer, to determine how the world's equity markets will discount a collaboration of nations to leverage up, buy the world, and deploy Guerilla Capitalism to endow all people of Earth with a bright new future.

In conclusion, the very first step in Guerilla Capitalism and Trickle Up Economics is an explosion, a Next Big Bang expansion of Earth's global REAL MONEY SUPPLY.  This supply side "trickle down" flood of economic stimulus will float the boats of every human on Earth.  This monetary expansion alone might endow us with a bright and prosperous future, but when combined with the procreation of profits from Guerilla Capital and Trickle Down Economics, We The People will be able to build a veritable Heaven on Earth securing the future of humanity for a thousand generations.

2.  Trickle Up Economics

Since the People's Investment Enterprise now owns the world's enterprises, resources, as well as our Global Virtual Currency and Reserve Bank, We have the right to expand the money supply and spread the wealth in any manner that We The People choose.  If We truly unlock $99 Trillion in untapped synergies, cost savings, and profits, then We will have created or saved about $15,000 for each of the approximately 6.7 billion people on the planet.  We could afford to pay that out in cash to every human on Earth and provide another jolt of supply side stimulus to our already  enormous economic Big Bang.  However, We must consider the long term secular decline in employment and address the income needs of the people over their lifetimes rather than just months or a few years.  

If We choose We can force ourselves to keep that $99 trillion invested in the PIE and Enterprise Earth.  After all this will be the greatest investment opportunity in history.  Instead of cash distributions, We will pay a one time bonus in non-transferable equity that once vested will generate income through dividend distributions.  Setting aside about $9 trillion in equity should allow us to distribute $999 in equity capital to the accounts of every living person while setting aside that amount for next 3.3 billion people yet to be born.  If We grow the value of Enterprise Earth by an order of magnitude, then We The People's $9 trillion may become worth $99 Trillion in the next decade raising the individuals stake to $9,999.  A 5-10% annual dividend on $999 of Virtual Equity will generate just $50-99, but if an individual's nest egg grows to $9,999, the annual return rises to $500-999.  

Another $999 in annual income may not mean much in the lives of those in wealthy nations, but it will be a welcome windfall to the 80% of humanity surviving on less than $10 a day.  If you've been keeping track of our equity distribution largess, then you will have notice that We have another $90 trillion from this $99 windfall to distribute.  If that were immediately allocated to ten billion people, then our annual equity income per person might begin at $9,999 and grow to $99,999.  In the process by the way, We will have transformed every participating human on Earth into a equity holding Guerilla Capitalist and part owner of Enterprise Earth.  We intentionally withheld that $90 trillion in Guerilla Capital so I.T. will be available to unleash an untapped bounty of human capital with Guerilla Capitalism.

3.  Unlocking Human Capital with Guerilla Capitalism

In the details that we outlined above, the People's Investment Enterprise provided bond or preferred equity investments for those investors that have been cashed out.  In the proposal so far, only 10% of the equity in the PIE has been distributed equally to the first ten billion humans.  The 90% withheld will finance Guerilla Capitalist profit sharing initiatives.  Since We The People now own the resources and enterprises of Earth, We will choose to share 1/3 of the profits earned by the actions or purchases of users and consumers.

While We may be able issue Guerilla Equity, PIE Equity, equal to 1/3 of the profits of each user transaction that vests immediately, a more fiscally prudent approach will be to require a seven year vesting period before generating dividend income.  In this seven years our PIE should be able to double the stake, effectively endowing the 1/3 of profits to each user while enabling our enterprise to earn returns on the retained equity.  

The abundant cash generated by our recapitalization will either be saved in mostly PIE banks, invested in new businesses or the PIE, or consumed.  By sharing 1/3 of the profits in equity, We reward consumption with an increasing ownership stake in the PIE.  As consumption stokes the expansion of our global enterprise, revenues and profits drive expanding dividends and future consumption, creating a positive feedback loop of growing income to all People.  

Consumption of PIE brands, products, and services will not be the only path distributing dividend producing equity.  The Internet introduced a powerful new business model based upon Viral Marketing.  The First of the Six Principles of Viral Marketing is to "give away valuable products and services."  Google's search service epitomizes this operating model.  While the consumer receives the benefit of "Free Search," Google earns revenue and profits from advertising.  Once PIE owns Google, We can share those profits with each user in Guerilla Equity with seven year vesting.  While this may dilute the unit value of searches and clicks, measures will be implemented to curb abuse, and the increased volume of traffic and clicks should generate higher revenues and profits.

Now think about how Guerilla Equity could fertilize the Internet based applications of Facebook and Google.  In addition to "Free" You Tubes, books, information, education, and a myriad of applications, PIE enterprises will issue their respective Tracking Guerilla Equity rewarding each user with 1/3 of their ad supported profits.  This unleashes Human Capital by allowing the individual to profit from goods or services received for Free.  As the Guerilla Equity of each individual vests, a dividend income stream will be generated that in aggregate will produce a flood of growing income to add to baseline Global GDP.

The Virtual Reality CyberSpace that we proposed above will expand the opportunities for immersive entertainment where ads can overlay or augment the fantasy or reality depicted in CyberSpace.  The 3D realm of our Virtual Reality CyberSpace will us to replicate and save lectures and classes from the world's greatest teachers and universities.  Should We pay our People to read good books?  Why not pay everyone Guerilla Equity to read and learn from our Great Bibles and Books?  Why not procreate a Free College Education in CyberSpace based upon classes held in Universities around the world?  Why not pay People in Guerilla Equity to attend class in CyberSpace?

We described above the expected displacement of millions of soldiers and security personnel as We downsize our global military for a world at peace.  We should offer those soldiers education benefits and those can be cost effectively provided in a SINGULARITY MULTIVERSITY in our CyberSpace Virtual Reality.  The marginal cost of adding Virtual Students or another Game Player in CyberSpace should be close to zero.  We can earn PIE profits and share Guerilla Equity from CyberSpace Ads.  We may choose to offer our displaced soldiers and anyone else Free War Games in CyberSpace paying Guerilla Equity for performance and play.  Those same War Games will be content for a CyberSpace Reality TV Show.  Any Games may occupy and harness Human Capital while rewarding the player with Guerilla Equity.  Will We procreate Peace Games?  Will Peace Games pay a lot more Guerilla Equity than the War Games that We will learn no more

The application of Guerilla Equity will not be limited to Internet based businesses or the domain of our Virtual Reality CyberSpace.  PIE businesses and brands can reward employees or private individuals with Guerilla Equity for labor or services.  Guerilla Equity will augment employee income to replace equity options, restricted stock grants, or cash bonuses in PIE businesses.  Open source communities providing human capital to an open source software platform or application such as Wiki might be offered Guerilla Equity for their respective contributions.  As long as We can identify and measure the profit contributions that an individual's action generates for PIE, then We may choose to share those profits in Guerilla Equity vesting over seven years, or some cases, immediately. 

The Guerrilla Equity awarded may be in the tracking stock of PIE or one of its constituent businesses.  We may offer a program for small businesses and non-PIE enterprises to issue Guerilla Equity to their customers.  By tying the Guerrilla Equity to Apple, Google, and the other PIE enterprises, We will reward consumers for the growth and success that their patronage brings.  The long term profitability and growth of each business will effect the demand for its products and services.  Winning business models will be rewarded and unprofitable or declining businesses will find tepid demand for their Guerilla Equity.

4.  Social Engineering with Guerilla Capital

Nothing is more central to Guerilla Capitalism than the opportunity to grow Capital income for each and every person on Earth.  Since the benefits of Guerilla Equity are an unexpected windfall, We can choose to restrict that benefit arbitrarily to re-engineer I.T. to optimize the long term benefit to the individual and to our global community.  For that reason our proposal will not allow the Guerilla Equity held in an individual's account to be sold or traded effectively forcing our every participant to become a buy-and-hold equity investor.  At the time of the death, We may choose to allow an account's Guerilla Equity to be transferred to the account of an heir.  Guerilla Equity owned by corporate enterprises may be sold or transferred.  In some case We may choose to have that Guerrilla Equity vest for 7 years before generating dividend income.  This structure will transform all People participating into owners of the world and force them to fully invest this windfall in the prosperous future, the IPO of Earth, Inc. and Real Money, and start of His Next Big Bang and the Age of Light.

Guerilla Capitalism will exercise more control over every individual's financial life than just the issuance of Guerilla Equity.  We will own all of the banks and the Reserve Currency which allows us to implement new concepts, perhaps old ones for readers of the Q'uran, such as banks and the Reserve Bank retaining equity in mortgages issued.  We will effectively close the market for trading stocks and bonds in PIE businesses.  We may offer ETFs that track the performance of PIE Industries or PIE as a whole.  The public may be offered preferred shares paying dividends based upon the profitability of the ETF or the whole PIE.  PIE alone will issue debt that will become a stable virtually risk-free source of interest income.   PIE Bonds will compete with U.S. Treasuries and sovereign debt which will be paid off in 19 to 99 years.

Paying off the U.S. deficit may be an achievable goal, but paying for tens of billions in unfunded entitlements is a much more arduous task.  We will not address U.S. healthcare entitlements as these are being re-engineered by politicians.  A few years ago Republicans promoted the idea of replacing Social Security with private accounts similar to 401Ks.  As we know now that may have led to a disastrous fleecing of Social Security benefits by the Wall Street's Financial Casino. With PIE invested in the entire enterprise of Earth, We will procreate the ultimate in diversification.  With good leadership to navigate through the Next Big Bang, We The People cannot fail to profit from Earth, Inc.  The U.S. may offset expected Social Security entitlement deficits with equity investments in PIE.  Guerilla Capitalism will augment or replace traditional retirement programs.

When We own our world together and operate it as global capitalist enterprise, Guerilla Capitalism will enable us to optimize aggregate long term profits.  For example, We may choose to raise the price of oil since We now own our own Cartel and invest some of the profits in clean and renewable energy development.  Is our profit optimized by timing the emergence of oil with our diminishing reserves or by leaving as much oil as possible in the ground by driving down its demand with lower cost renewable energy?  

At a 33% premium to today's prices per barrel, our cost per barrel to acquire all of the world's oil reserves would be about $99 which will represent a windfall financial benefit that oil producing nations will use to buy their respective stakes in PIE.  After that We may decide to double the price per barrel to $199.  While that price fixing will raise costs to our consumers, those customers will receive Guerilla Equity for 1/3 of the windfall profits which, over time, may more than offset the short term costs.

Once We own all of the world's energy companies and natural resources, We can align our pricing to drive demand towards cleaner more renewable energy sources.  Coal producers may be required to issue Guerilla Equity that would transfer to the communities where coal was burned.  We may choose to raise the price of oil products as monetary expansion, explodes global demand for oil.  Since We own all of the energy companies and the competing alternative technologies, We can coordinate pricing to maximize our aggregate long term profits and responsibility to the environment.  We may choose to lobby to abandon Ethanol and produce food instead.  

When We own all of the world's products together, We will inherit the bad with the good.  Products such as tobacco, junk food, and unhealthy foods and services like racetracks and casinos generate substantial profits for PIE enterprises, but the products that kill us raise our PIE medical expenses, and those that take the money of our citizens increase social disorder, poverty, and the cost of our security.  Today, we tax tobacco and gaming to counterbalance those effects, but that balances the costs to the individual with a benefit to the collective represents by governments.

Let's consider the business of Gambling when We own all our Casinos.  As we pointed out taxation of the revenue helps nations and states pay for the social burdens of Gambling, but that tax does not accrue to the individual so it does little or nothing to offset the damage of Gambling losses to the individuals and their families.  Years ago We challenged Steve Wynn to reinvent Gambling so that it will become a Win/Win proposition.  Guerilla Capitalism will enable PIE Gambling enterprises to offset the individual damage created by Gambling losses.  Guerilla Equity will provide an offsetting bonus to Gambling losers as the 1/3 profits generated accrue to that loser's Account in the form of deferred vesting equity.  The victims of our Gambling Industry will profit from their ownership equity and the dividends generated offsetting the negative effects of their cash losses.

In the case of tobacco products, the Guerilla Equity profits earned by their consumers will help them defray the healthcare costs of future illness.  However, rather using traditional Guerilla Equity, We may choose to direct the consumer's 1/3 of the profits to the purchase of health insurance.  That approach may also be useful with unhealthy foods, drugs, and alcohol.  We will not be eliminating Free Choice.  The consumption of healthy products will build Guerilla Equity while the others will use those profits to offset their costs to our collective health care system.  In the case of nations offering Universal Health Care, then the Guerilla Equity might accrue to that nation rather than the individual health insurance account.

Guerilla Equity will replace stock options and cash bonuses in PIE business.  It may be used to augment cash compensation or, where the laws allow, replace cash for activity or labor invested by the individual.  Businesses and projects can be formed by volunteers who accept Guerilla Equity instead of cash.  PIE will invest Guerilla Equity to support the world's open source communities.  PIE will invest Guerilla Equity to support the growth of other open source projects that may extend well beyond software and services.  We will invest Real Money along with Guerilla Equity to build our business of delivering food, healthcare, security, and shelter for We The People.

We The People may choose to make the Godfathers and Scarfaces of Earth an offer that they cannot refuse.  In exchange for all of their ill gotten gains, they may receive Guerilla Equity as well as a role acting in Godfather 999 and Scarface 999 playing in a CyberSpace Fantasy Reality near you.  No horses need be slain for us to bring this decision process to a head.  Once our Godfathers and Scarfaces realize the difficulty of laundering the proceeds from their black market transactions when the global economy moves to Real Money and of evading detection when We The People may be recording their movements, they may line up to play their parts of our Fantasy/Reality TV channels.

Guerilla Equity will fuel CyberSpace Virtual Reality Games and Contests that will provide content for new CyberSpace Reality TV channels.  We will have a World Idol program for every imaginable discipline.  Contestants will receive one third of the profits and the audience will earn another third of the profits in Guerilla Equity.  The last third will be retained by the PIE Producer and re-invested.

We may even choose to just pour Guerilla Equity to all People, or to those in a particular community, in a process we call Rainmaking.  We may use many events to time Rainmaking.  Guerilla Equity may be distributed on religious holidays.  We may program the Rainmaking to reward actual citizens in the geography as well as those visiting that that virtual land in CyberSpace whenever one of our Foundering Angels travel to I.T. in Real Space or CyberSpace.

5.  Free free enterprise

The Internet led the world towards Viral Marketing and opened up the wonderful realm of products and services where the price you pay is "Free."  That is the trend upon which the innovation of Guerilla Capitalism is founded.  The principles of Guerilla Capitalism were discovered when we asked what lies beyond "do no evil" and "Free."

While prices paid for our products and services will drive our PIE Revenues and Profits, sometimes We may wish to forgo profits to provide a value to the individual that may increase human capital or reduce the cost of our global enterprise.  With many Internet delivered software, applications, and services, the marginal cost of an additional unit of production approaches virtually zero.  In those cases the optimum price may very well be zero, or Free, because it is not worth the cost of executing a cash transaction.

We may choose to maintain or even raise prices for an education in our best Universities for those who can afford it, however, We will wish to generously fund scholarships or pay the best and brightest minds to attend.  That is in the Real World.  In the domain of our CyberSpace Singularity MultiVersity, We will not only give away a Free education with a Virtual Reality replication of lectures and classes from Earth's best Universities, We will pay Guerilla Equity to every student for their attendance and performance.  At our Singularity MultiVersity Guerilla Equity will earned based upon performance.

V.  Procreating Our Best Future

On the path to understanding the Five Pillars of Guerilla Capitalism and plotting the write a Final Draft of our Fantasy Reality ScreenPlan, we flew through Cuckoo's Nests from California to New ZeroLand eleven times.  In the beginning of this journey a Palm Springs hospital that misdiagnosed us as either Sane or bi-polar.  On the wall of this mental hospital was a poster proclaiming, "Be the Author of Your Own Life Story."  As usual, by virtue of the Grandiosity of A Beautiful Mind, we asked, "Who will be King Author of the Future of Earth?"  "Why not co-author and co-produce our own Best Future together?"

We made First Contact with our world's Cuckoo's Nest business model when we were arrested by Riverside Sheriffs for making an offer to buy the State of California.  The hospital released us after three days with a recommendation to "stop drinking."  If Governor Arnold had responded to our offer to buy California for a 50% premium to its mark-to-market value, then he would have learned how we planned to transform California into the world's first Capitalist State.  Our Gubernator would then be instructed to offer George Bush an option to be acquired and merged with California as the first Capitalist Nation.  With or without the United States, the Gubernator's next move would have been for California to buy China and India followed by an offer to acquire every nation on Earth and all of our global enterprise.  Since the Governor indicated that "California was not for sale," we were forced to alternate strategies as served our 3 day sentence in mind jail.

Upon our release on the Ides of March, we began our own jihad to buy out Capitalism in order to Save I.T.  By July of 2005, we announced a new Fantasy Reality TV Game Show, "Bill Star's 'The Next Big Thing(S)!,'" that we imagineered as a platform for a Guerilla Capitalist Revelations Revolution.  We explored our crazy side on HD video to set up the question, "Is Bill Star crazy or did he really invent the Next Big Thing(S)?"  Our play acting spilled over into external reality when Sheriff Hightower, the designated Sheriff of Nuttingham, brought me to that hospital a second time where we receive a second diagnosis as bipolar.  

While we have no objections to this designation, we asked ourselves, if racing thoughts and grandiosity are the symptoms of bipolar disorder, then how could anyone aspire to buy the world with out exhibiting grandiosity? How can you possibly own the world in your head and keep your Beautiful Mind from racing thoughts?  If humanity embraces such does Grandiosity, will that mean that We all went bipolar together?  A year after this first diagnosis, we asked the same psychiatrist that diagnosed us as bipolar, "What if We Owned Our World Together?"  He quickly responded, "I think you're borderline Psychotic!"  If in the course of time, Guerilla Capitalism proves its merit, then we request an upgrade of our diagnosis to completely Psychotic along with a declaration by the psychiatric community that the state of mind commonly known as Sane is a completely Psychotic delusion.

However We may choose to write the story of our future together, We will best served by stretching the Fantasy/Reality Continuum to procreate our Best Future.  By definition, this will be the Mother of All MotherBLEEPING Divine Comedies, a MindBLEEP of Biblical Dimensions, a Hilarious Twist of the Paradox of a Pair-of-dimes, a Happy Ending that will make even Vulcans laugh until they cry.  

Other humans may or may not choose to edit and co-author this story.  We strongly suggest that We endeavor to explore and exploit the complete realm of our history and culture.  We will embrace and cherish our diversity including our religious beliefs.  We will give every human free choice.  When We learn how to connect the best and brightest minds of humanity together in common purpose and cause, We will have fulfilled our destiny and covenant with God.  We will earn our diploma allowing us to all advance into His Age of Light.  Whether you believe this paradigm to be an act of God or just random chance, if Guerilla Capitalism can miraculously procreate a Fountain of Prosperity, then We will have some explaining to do.  Is the Best Explanation for the miracle of Guerilla Capitalism is that I.T. represents the Final Act of God?  Or is I.T. Best Explained as random twist in the evolution of humanity's connected Beautiful Minds?

This fact is certain though.  If We The People possess the power to procreate a better Best Future, then I.T. is a Capital Crime against humanity to IGNORE I.T.  On behalf of We The People, we wish to remind Earth's business, political, and religious leaders as well as so-called reporters fixated on Bad News that years ago we called for our Dear Leaders to be brought to trial for their Capital Crimes against humanity and for Planet Malpractice.  If we owned our world together right now, We might bring back Boston Legal to sue the United States of America for Planet Malpractice just to raise the ratings for our TV networks.

Is Time Really Money?  Is humanity accountable for I.T.'s cycle time to Finally Decide to procreate our Best Future together?  If such a Best Future exists, then is humanity obligated to procreate I.T.?  Is anyone Accountable for IGNORING I.T.?

You choose...

The Ides of March 2005 marked the point at which We began to measure the Opportunity Cost of Ignorance and Inaction.  What is the price paid in human capital and Real Money for five years of Deaf Ears?  Is Guerilla Capitalism merely the grandiose delusion of A Beautiful Mind or one giant leap for mankind, an opened door allowing US to all advance to our next level of the game entering our Age of Light?

You Choose.... 

C.  Paths Procreating Guerilla Capitalism - Resistance is futile...

1.  A Blitzkrieg Buy Out of the world's enterprises and resources will be the fastest course to realizing the profits of Guerilla Capitalism.  Time-to-market realization makes this the optimum choice.  The slower approach outlined in #2 below will be much more destructive as a smaller Guerilla Capitalist enterprise wages a war of attrition against the Old Style Capitalists.  Ideally, most of the nations of Earth will join together to plan and adopt Guerilla Capitalism.

In the event such a broad consensus was not immediately achievable, then a collaboration between the United States and one or more of the BRIC Nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China) to procreate a common Virtual Currency would create a new global reserve currency substantially stronger than today's dollar or any contender.  Creating a common market and currency for just the U.S. and China would be a powerful alliance.  Adding India will give us half of the world's population while the addition of Russia and Brazil will provide bountiful oil and natural resources.  The Europeans could easily replace the U.S. in this combination.  Any combinations will be just the first step toward the global economic integration of Guerilla Capitalism and a common Global Currency.

2.  A Guerilla Campaign might be launched from a start up, a single enterprise, or a combination of existing companies.  An Internet based business will be the best launching point.  The products of Facebook and Google are especially synergistic with Guerilla Capitalism.  The management of either or both of these enterprises could create a People's Investment Enterprise and solicit investments from private investors including charitable foundations and state investments from China, the U.S., and others to acquire the stock of Facebook and Google in a leveraged buy out.

Then Google will announce plans for the PIE to acquire Amazon, Apple, Intel, and any other technology company or enterprise that represent profitable investments.  The constituent companies will adopt Guerilla Capitalist programs.  When a few trillion dollars in equity value has been acquired by the PIE, the new global Virtual Currency will be introduced to begin competing with national fiat currencies.  To market our Virtual Currency, We might offer a guarantee that if a customer was not satisfied a year after their currency exchange, then We will give them their cash back.  Our only cost for this CURRENCY GUARANTEE will be that of securely storing the customer's cash for a year.

Microsoft's Operating System monopoly market share will be attacked from Apple's technology and business model to Google's.  After some success executing this pincer strategy, Microsoft's stock will become a compelling bargain as they discount the demise of the Windows monopoly.  Ultimately, We will roll up the technology industry and other profitable enterprises that We expected to continue.  Many industries that We have slated for decimation such as Financial Services will not catch a bid from Us.  When their demise is discounted, We can bail them out of bankruptcy to acquire their assets.

A more sinister application of Guerilla Capitalism would be to boycott the products and services of targeted industries or businesses in order to drive to the price of the stock prior to submitting a buy out offer.  There are virtually infinite possibilities for organizing consumers in Guerilla Campaigns to disrupt Old Style Capitalist adversaries.  We discarded this path to realizing the promise of Guerilla Capitalism because We would be waging War on Old Style Capitalism.  The promise of Guerilla Capitalism is to advance justice and peace on Earth.  Does IT make sense that We would begin our War on War with a War on Capitalist Enterprises?

3.  A Blitzkrieg buy out of the world is the most painless path and will generate higher profits since We will accelerate the adoption of Guerilla Capitalism and the supply side stimulus of Trickle Up Economics.  In a variation of #1 and #2 above, a grass roots movement, perhaps funded by Angels or charitable foundations, would promote the adoption of Guerilla Capitalism and the cooperative Blitzkrieg Buy Out described in #1 above.  We would call for a worldwide elections to choose whether to embrace the Five Pillars of Guerilla Capitalism.

Perhaps we have become to cynical from five years of our words falling upon Deaf Ears, but we calculate that based upon experience, our business and political leaders will not embrace a plan as bold as Guerilla Capitalism until we experience another Global Financial Meltdown.  Maybe this is our optimum outcome as We will be able to pick up the world's resources and enterprises for under $99 trillion.

4.  On the Ides of March 2005 we cracked the Fantasy/Reality Space/Time continuum.  For all we know and for all you know, the world as We know I.T. may have been secretly acquired by PIE years ago.  In this scenario the reality that you observe on TV may have become a Fantasy extension of our previous Best Available Future while behind the scenes a top secret global initiative has marshaled the Best and Brightest Beautiful Minds together to build our new Best Future together.


We would create skunkworks and teams to develop future technologies and restructuring plans.  People endowed with knowledge about Guerilla Capitalism would be sworn to secrecy and covered by National Security Letters or an equivalent issued by the United Nations Security Council.  In this scenario our Dear Leaders would "fiddle while Rome burns" pushing our global economy to the brink of collapse so that We The People will learn why Old Style Capitalism failed. 

In this scenario people will be watching injustice, war, and a global financial meltdown while a few chosen ones will be working on the technologies and plotting our new future.  While the news media reports on contemporary events, another secret news team is capturing our secret teams in action as they reinvent the future in 3D video.  We will procreate thousands of channels of Real Reality 3D TV for education and to our living history for posterity.  Guerilla Equity will rain upon the recorders and actors playing their parts in a multi-dimenentional Reality TV show documenting our transformation into the brave new world We procreate together.  In that case the author of these words may be the last person of Earth to learn that We The People have discovered the Age of Light.  This would explain why nobody has responded to our many emails.  

The alternate explanation that we accept, until humanity's actions prove otherwise, is that these words are merely the delusional rantings of A Beautiful Mind, and there is no Holy Grail in Economics to unlock a Best Future, and there will be no Age of Light.

NOW for the final hook, an offer you should never refuse, if only YOU BELIEVE in the PROMISE OF Guerilla Capitalism, and have FAITH that I.T. shines the brightest possible light upon a FUTURE THAT WE PROCREATE TOGETHER.  If you have not FIGURED I.T. OUT by now, We have described a PYRAMID SCHEME of BIBLICAL DIMENSIONS.  And you as a recipient of this email are at the ground floor of this opportunity and the forefront of the vanguard of DISCIPLES of GUERILLA CAPITALISM.  If our vision is true, then We will have more than $99 Billion in profits to distribute allowing us to offer up to $1 Billion for the first few DOMINOES and first mover DISCIPLES will be Super STARS in our REALITY TV GAME SHOW.  They will REMEMBER THEIR NAMES FOR ONE THOUSAND YEARS and all of our names will be recorded in our new GOOD NEWS HUMAN ACCOUNTING BOOK from Here to Eternity.  Will you embrace and promote Guerilla Capitalism?  You Choose...  but please consider that No Choose may be a Choose to Lose....  Go ahead, Choose again.....

For $1 Billion in Guerilla Equity, what is the value of just one lost Guerilla Capitalist year of global prosperity in the Space/Time Continuum of Real Money?  Why not pay another billion dollars to the next 999 closest answers?  We will be on the path to achieving the supply side nirvana of Guerilla Capitalism when We The People of Earth learn how to pay Real Money for the Real Answers to the Real Questions that will enable Us, in common cause, to procreate our own Best Future together. 

In the names of Adam Smith, Karl Marx, Ayn Rand, Chairman Mao, Che, and Ronald Reagan...

Welcome to the Revelations Revolution...

Effective December 8, 2009, the Day After the Anniversary of Pearl Harbor, we declare on behalf of We The People of Earth, a Guerilla War of Words on War and its ugly sister Capitalism.  

We propose to buy the resources and enterprises of Earth in accordance the concept outlined above.  We call upon the leadership of corporations, nations, or other interest groups to announce their support by January 9, 2010, and plans to cooperate on developing a more detailed plan to be completed by the Ides of March 2010.  If no voices comes forth, then this offer is null and void.

If Guerilla Capitalism gains sponsorship, then we call upon the leadership of nations to recommend its adoption by their respective citizens by April 12, 2009, the Anniversary of the U.S. Civil War and Easter, in order to qualify their citizens and respective nations for bonus Guerilla Equity awards.

We call for a worldwide elections for shareholders and citizens to be held on or before July 5, 2010, which may be known as Earth Independence Day.  Bonus Guerilla Equity will be granted to all nations that approve an investment in the People's Investment Enterprise and to businesses that obtain shareholder approval by July 5th, 2010.

Based upon experience we suspect that these words will fall upon deaf or dumb ears.  In case these ideas earn no sponsorship by the end of 2009, then we propose to repeat this offer cycle commencing in December 2010, and if necessary, again, in 2011.  After that many of your calendars run out, and who knows where we'll be in the Space/Time Continuum of Real Money.  Perhaps by 2012 we will all be praying for divine intervention.  

We abandoned hopes of a heavenly bail out when we unlocked that the secret to procreating a heavenly utopia on Earth.  Why would our One God and His Prophets intervene to save humanity when He endowed us with all of the tools to save ourselves?  Is this a Test to qualify mankind to join God and a larger community of humanity in the Heavens?  Will Star Trek's Vulcans initiate First Contact when the People of Earth procreate a many-to-many First Contract to become owner operators of StarShip Free Free Enterprise Earth?

3-meter-tall sculpture of Einstein's 1905 E = mc2 formula at the 2006 Walk of Ideas, Berlin, Germany

E(Economic Capitalization) = m(Minds)c(Capital)2 

Guerilla Capitalism will unleash the power of "m" and exponentiate the quantity of "c."  I.T.'s what happens when We connect and harness our Hu, the Human Element, in common purpose and cause, with our co-owned Free Enterprise building a Pyramid of Wealth to endow the futures of one thousand generations.  If the grandiosity of this objective lies beyond your ken, then perhaps these words are the rantings of A Beautiful Mind or your mind has yet to comprehend how to Capitalize on the Space/Time Continuum of Real Money.  

Welcome to the Future of Capitalism and Econ999.....

Imagine the First Contact, the First Conversation, between Our One God with 99 Names, Jesus and His Cohorts, or Star Trek's Vulcans, and the world's most rich and powerful men and women on Earth.  When the Fantasy/Space/Time Continuum was cracked five years ago, this First Conversation may or may not have occurred any time between NOW and the Ides of March 2005.  These First Conversation will be with Board nominees whose names we will not say.  More than one billion First Conversations may be transacted to reach the wealthiest 20% of the world's population.  For the other 80% of humanity surviving on less than $10 a day, We The People will justly buy them out of their minds as We bail out the broken enterprise model of Earth.

First Contact and the First Conversation, Opening Statement:


"We come in Peace.  We bear Good News of Great Prophets.  Humanity recently discovered the key to advancing the People of Earth to the Age of Light and Infinite Profits.  One human hidden among you has divined the Space/Time Continuum of Real Money.  You choose between emotions and reason.  You choose between injustice and justice.  You choose between War and Peace.  You choose between business as usual and joining a far Greater Enterprise built with Real Money.  

You have been nominated to become an Angel, a Founding Father, and a Board Member of a new merged global enterprise, Earth, Inc.  You will be asked to exchange all of your worldly possessions for equity and currency in this new enterprise.  If you choose to accept this invitation, then We The People will engrave you name in our StarBook and they will remember your name for one thousand generations and all children will bear witness to your exploits in CyberSpace.  

You have been given a mission from God and the High Command.  You are either all in with US or We may choose the write you out of history.  You will crucify your own Best Practice, Capitalism, to Save I.T.  Your Primary Directive will forevermore be to co-author and co-produce your Best Available Future together.  

You choose the Cycle Time of Your Arrival, now is Just in Time, tomorrow is a day later, and a very long time in the context of the Space/Time Continuum of Real Money.  

You choose to be remembered as a Profit of a Loss.  You choose between lining your pockets or the Higher Power Accounting of a much much larger Balance Sheet.  This is Judgement Day!

You are being recorded in Real 3D and you may choose to embargo your response for up to 99 years.  If you choose to join our new Free Free Enterprise, then please, on behalf of We The People accept this $1 as a down payment on your lifetime commitment to act in our new CyberSpace Reality TV Show, "The Greatest Story Ever Told, Part Due!"


"And he shall judge among the nations, and shall rebuke many people: and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruninghooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more."  

When will the rebuking end?  When will We The People learn to code Jesus into our computers, to enable US to judge among nations?  Will Guerilla Capitalism win I.T.s War on War for We The People and crack the Space/Time Continuum of Real Money?  All we bear are words in a world in dire straits need of REAL ACTION and Leadership.  These words have no disciples, no sponsor, and as far as we know our words continue to fall upon DEAF EARS.  

MESS...    I....     AH!.....

ALL...       AH!!!.....

Hu is Atlas..... 

Spread the Word...

Spread the Wealth...

When His First Angel Falls, so shall they all.....

Happy Hannukah!

Merry Christmas!

Allahu akbar!

Enjoy ETernal Life...

His Prophet of Prophets

P.S.  Please forward this message to Eric Schmidt and Steve Jobs.  "Dear Steve and Eric,  If either of you are still CEO of Earth and/or our Technology Business, then you're fired, Steve for the disappearance of my Apple TV content and Eric for the deletion of BillSTAR19's You Tubes.  You can both have your titles back if you just...




******************* i*ALLaH*i*METa*i*TR0N  *******************

***** i*ALLaH*i*METa*i*TR0N*  *****

ECON 999 - Guerilla Capitalism